Where to Hire a Retro Campervan?(And Where NOT)

Where to Hire a Retro Campervan?

In this modern day retro campervan hire is a great way to see the world in a old school campervan, and many people take the chance to hire one for their holiday.

Where can you go?

You may want to drive along the coast or perhaps visit some of New Zealand’s most beautiful scenery like Mount Cook national park [1] , or take a trip into the center of the country and visit vineyards and many other attractions.

Where to Hire a Retro Campervan

Where will you go?

You decide what to do; your retro campervan is equipped with everything you need for your holiday, so you can rest assured that it is there when you want it.

How much does a retro campervan cost to hire?  

Retro Campervans cost a lot less than hiring a car and much cheaper than renting a house, so it is the best of both worlds. You have lots of space to store your belongings, which means you also get plenty of room to live in!


Daily $129 Low Season

Daily $149 Hight Season

Included in your rental is 120 “roll-over” miles per day; $0.39 per additional

Where to Hire a Retro Campervan near me?

There are a few different ways that you can rent a campervan. The first is to book through one of the many websites that offer them for rental.

These websites often have more international locations so you may be able to find something closer to where you are and will not have to deal with as much hassle when picking up the vehicle as opposed to if you booked it locally.

These sites also often offer different types of campervans so there might be one more suited for your needs as opposed to booking one at a local company.

What should I take with me?  

It is important that when you are driving a campervan around USA, especially if your trip involves a lot of hiking or visiting different areas, that has got lots of space in it for cool boxes and storage.

It is safer if you take spare straps, a camp stove with plenty of gas, an air pump which can fit on your tyre to re-inflate it if you need to, torches or headlights (depending on whether you prefer a classic look) to light up the road when necessary.

Good quality maps are always a good idea, as well as torches and first aid kits.

If you are going to be travelling around the USA it is important that you take things like warm clothes, hats and waterproof jackets because you never know whether the weather will turn nasty on your trip!

Some people also suggest taking some camping equipment with you just in case something goes wrong with your campervan, like a faulty boiler. It is best to be prepared for all eventualities!


Retro Campervans are an ideal way of travelling around the country and taking in some amazing scenery and places while still enjoying comfort when you want it. It is definitely worth considering hiring one out on your next holiday so you can enjoy a road trip around the country.


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