What You Can And Cant Paint On A RV

What You Can And Cant Paint On A RV

In This article I will tell you wat you can and cant paint on and in you RV.

Can you paint a fiberglass RV?

Yes, you can paint a RV. It’s not recommended, but it is possible to do.

Remember that painted surfaces get hotter in the sun and colder in the winter than unpainted ones.

So if you plan on living in your RV all year round, consider whether it’s worth the hassle to paint it.

If you want to make a painted surface look good for only a month or two before selling it off, then go ahead and apply paint. Keep in mind that any new paint job will lower your RV’s resale value.

What colors should I choose?

Colors depend upon taste as well as resale value. If you plan on staying in your RV full-time then lighter colors will make it warmer inside – but they may also lower the resale value more than darker paint jobs will.

If you expect to sell this rig fairly quickly after painting it, darker colors may be better because prospective buyers often want white or light colors rather than black or dark blue/gray/red hues.

How much does it cost to repaint an RV?

The cost of repainting an RV varies greatly. If you are just touching up some dings and scratches on the outside, figure $50-$250 depending upon the size and type of repairs that you need to make.

(This does not include the primer paint.) The bigger project is painting the inside of the RV – this can take several days to do properly but will add between $500-2000+ to your total bill depending on how ‘complete’ a job you have done.

Most DIYers only paint small areas at a time, which adds up in terms of labor costs. Most professional painters charge somewhere between $20-$50/hour for their work, depending upon where they live.

It may be a good idea to hire a professional if you have not painted an RV before. There are many other variables that go into estimating the cost of painting an RV, so talk with several painters (or read their estimates) and get quotes from them for your specific job.

What kind of paint should I use to paint my RV?

There are many different kinds of paint. All have advantages and disadvantages, but the two most important factors to consider when choosing a paint are durability and cost. 

Durability affects both your RV’s appearance over time as well as the resale value. A low-end paint (i.e., one that is cheap) will look good for several years, but if you really want it to hold up over the long term then you should pay more now for a high-quality paint job that looks great for longer than 2 or 3 seasons worth of use.

(Note: Even an old RV may still be structurally sound and mechanically sound even after 10+ years of use.)

Can you repaint a RV Shower?

The answer is yes, you can paint a shower. It would be best to do so with a semi-gloss latex paint like KILZ or Glasurit. If you are painting an aluminum surface, it would be best to use high quality primer such as Valspar’s Urethane Primer.

This will ensure a longer lasting finish and improve the paint adhesion.

Can you repaint a RV Awning?

It can be done of course, but there are some things that you should keep in mind before you do.

First, you need to make sure what kind of paint you want to use. Different paints work better depending on the material your RV Awning is made out of.

If your RV Awning is made out of a material like vinyl then you will need a paint designed for acrylic surfaces. If your vinyl is wrinkled then this type of paint might not work well with it and may cause the wrinkles to get worse!

Second, be aware that RV Awnings only have so much room for painting because they’re usually made to fold and not be very see-through. Make sure you still have enough room for the colors you want to use, otherwise your design might wind up looking distorted or ugly.

Third, take into account the weather conditions where you will be spraying your paint. There is a difference between painting an RV Awning in warm weather and cold weather.

For example: there will be more paint runs on an RV Awning when its hot out because the solvents inside of the paint are evaporating much faster than they would in a climate controlled environment like your house. So if it’s going to be hot outside then make sure that you set up some type of spray booth so that all of those toxic fumes don’t just go in to the air.

If none of these things worry you and you’re ready to go then simply get a good RV Awning paint and follow the steps in this article: How to Repair Damaged Vinyl .

The steps are written for fixing damaged vinyl, but if your RV Awning has had its finish worn off then you just have to look at it as repairing damaged vinyl too. Just make sure that before you start painting that your RV is clean and dry or else there will surely be bumps, runs, and other imperfections in your finished product! Good luck and happy painting!

Can you repaint a RV Toilet?

RVs and toilets come in many shapes, sizes, and colors these days. I know that the toilet inside your RV is probably not as old or boring as the one you have at home. It’s a great time to cheer up your bathroom with a colorful new paint job!

2 Piece – You can repaint a 2 piece toilet or even the stool if you like. Some people have added vinyl decals to the seat and back of their toilet. I personally find a light color such as white to be the easiest to keep clean, although some owners like darker colors for the same reason they choose black appliances in their kitchen and bath at home… it hides dirt.

3 Piece – Sometimes old dirty stains are caused not by neglect but by design – especially on an RV toilet that has been poorly designed with thin porcelain and rusting bolts around the base flange, resulting in leaking around the seal between bowl and base. A new color scheme might be just what this badly designed 3-piece toilet needs in order to make it look better and behave better.

If your toilet is made by American Standard, you can just take the bowl off of the base to repaint it. Other toilets have bolted-on tanks that are not designed to be removed without cutting them off – this is true for any Elongated style toilet too, such as Toto.

You should also mark or remember where all the bolts go in order to put them back together again correctly when you’re finished painting.

Always test an area first if you’re going to be using a water based paint to make sure there is no chemical reaction with the porcelain before adding more layers… I’ve found even some acrylic paints will eat away at thin porcelain over time!

Moen has introduced new one piece toilets that might be easier to paint than the old two-piece models, you can find a thicker porcelain model for about $300. A one piece toilet is easier to clean around too because there are no parts that come apart.

I like how the One Piece Elongated Comfort Height model looks in white… but as you can see on their web site, they have many colors available at very little extra cost over white:

Can you repaint a RV Sink?

Some RV sinks are made from metal, so you can indeed paint it!

For those that are plastic, the colors will often be dyed to match the color of the sink, which cannot be painted. You can contact your RV company to see if they offer a custom color for your sink.

Rubber Sinks will keep its shape.This means you can put any kind of paint on it! Just sand down any rough spots to make sure that the paint sticks and squeegee off all excess once the job is done.

The only thing you need to worry about is how thick the bottom layer of undercoating/paint/whatever is going to be because you need to know what thickness your coating should be. If the bottom paint is very thin then whatever you put overtop will crack or chip much more easily than if there was a thicker base coat underneath.

Can you repaint a RV Stove?

Definitely not ,Because you cook in it the toxins from the paint will pull into the food. And also the paint will not be able to with stand the heat

Can you repaint a RV Walls and Wallpaper?

Generally speaking, it’s a bad idea to repaint a vehicle because it has been coated with a rubberized paint that resists decoupling from substrates.

It also has been designed to withstand the heat of the sunroof, as well as airborne elements such as rain or snow. This coating can be damaged by an aggressive cleaning process and may cause it to peel off in chunks when sanded.

The best course of action is to remove the old paint by sanding the walls down to bare metal, then applying a quality primer and paint.

Can you repaint a RV Interior Walls?

Yes you Can.There are two ways I know of to remove old paint from a wall and both have their own particular problems which would need to be overcome before attempting it.

The first (and not necessarily cheapest) way is to use a heat gun or hairdryer and literally burn off the top layer of paint or wallpaper.

Second You can paint over the wallpaper or wood surface ,but run the risk of the paint peeling of over time if you dont use premier and good adhesive paint.

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