What is best (Motorhome or a Camper Trailer?) SHOCKING

What is best Motorhome or a Camper Trailer?

You have decided you want to hit the open road and explore more ,But you dont know what to get a Motorhome or Camper Trailer?

I have the pleasure of owning both kinds and i will discusses both of them. Lets begin!

Are Motorhome and Camper Trailer the Same?

So, first off, if you’re wondering why there’s a curb between this motorhome and trailer then it’s because they are not one in the same. A motorhome is where you have your own bathroom.

It has a shower or a standup bath, toilet and sink whereas the travel trailer doesn’t. So you’ll need to go outside into the campground to get use of those facilities so that is something important to know.

Now like I said before a lot of people just simply refer to an RV as any type of camper but really when it comes down to it that’s not true at all.

Again RVs come in many forms. They are not all the same, and this is what I’m here to show you. So like a travel trailer isn’t really an RV, neither is a fifth wheel. However, they do share some similarities.

What is the Difference between a Motorhome and Camper Trailer?

So what’s the difference? First off that we’ll look at the size difference again I have my motorhome which has two axles which makes it a semi-truck or truck camper and then on the other side of the lot we have a camper trailer with one axle.

The overall design between these two campers or travel trailers is completely different as well. So let me go over those real quick for you guys so you can see how they differ in their designs too.

Now just like I said before this is a travel trailer which means it has one axle and that’s going to be on the back of it. An RV ordinarily has two axles.

What is best Motorhome or a Camper Trailer?

1. How Much Do You Want To Spend?

So one of the big questions that people always ask is how are they different in price?

Well now I’ve seen Motorhomes go for anywhere from $80,000 to over a million dollars. That’s quite expensive and then Camper Trailer start around $40,000 or so.

Now we’re looking at about $75,000 for this camper here which is still quite pricey but it doesn’t touch the prices of some of those other campers out there.

So keep in mind again these designs have a huge difference when it comes down to pricing too.

2. Size

Now when it comes down to comparing the size, this Motorhome has quite a bit more space in it than my Camper Trailer does as far as length goes.

Now I’m just measuring them from front to back here so overall width would be included too but this is going to give you guys an idea of how much extra room there really is between these two campers or motorhomes right now.

I have 32 feet versus 30 feet for my camper here, so even though you can sit inside each side they are considerably different especially if you’re comparing them based off of living space.

Travel trailers have a higher degree of maneuverability than motorhomes that require much more space for parking or backing up. They are also easier to tow over long distances because they are so light weight.

You can find both types of recreational vehicles in a wide range of sizes, from small models that are accommodating to two people to those designed for travel with a larger family.

Generally speaking, motorhomes are the bigger units and have space for more passengers while travel trailers are smaller and offer less amenities than their cousins but they also cost less.

The most common ones feature living spaces between 22 ft. and 30 ft., while some can reach sizes up to 40 feet long. Of course, you could always downsize if you want something cheaper or opt for a larger model if this is what fits your lifestyle better.

Some models also have fold-out options to extend the living space and let you live as comfortably as you would in your regular home.

3. Towing And Driving

There are both similarities and differences regarding towability. Both types of vehicles can be towed with any kind of pickup truck that is capable of towing weight over 5000 pounds.

However, motorhomes tend to have higher weights than travel trailers, which makes them even harder to handle when it comes to maneuvering the vehicle.

But this also depends on the specific model in question. With a travel trailer you need two people for better handling and control in tight spaces. On the other hand, motorhomes can be driven by one person but usually require more coordination because they are heavier.

4. Space

Camper vans are usually smaller than camper motorhomes and are able to be driven to and from the camp grounds.

Motorhomes on the other hand have more space for people to live in them permanently than camper vans so they are typically larger.

A camper trailer also gives you the space and privacy to enjoy with friends and family, but an RV can also be fitted with bunks for family or friends to stay in. Everything is up to you, what’s your preference?

5. Accessibility

Camper Trailers are cheaper than RV’s, but they’re also more limited. They can’t go off-road and they can be noisy if you’re planning to sleep inside the trailer itself. The advantages of a camper trailer is it’s cost and size, its compact design makes it easy to tow with a small car or motorcycle so you don’t need expensive or powerful vehicle like an RV. So there is nothing against your friend who loves 2 wheeler getting this for him/her self

RV’s on the other hand offer all the comforts of home in a mobile package, large bedding areas, kitchens with stoves and fridges, TVs and plenty of storage space. You have complete freedom to travel wherever you want and stay as long as you like. You can even hook it up to a generator so you never run out of power for your laptops, phones and other gadgets.

6. Maintenance

Just like any other vehicle, both will need to be maintained in order to keep them in top condition and safe to use.

A few things that need maintenance for campers are: gas levels, battery charge levels, tire pressure, water levels and proper tire tread. It’s important to check these things on a regular basis in order to make sure that you are always ready to go wherever you want.

For motorhomes, the maintenance depends on whether they have a built-in generator or not.

If there is a generator then the only thing that needs to be kept up would be changing the fluids. There may also need to be plugs changed but this can vary depending on how often the motorhome has been driven before getting stored away and if it was used while being stored or how much weight was put into its storage space.

For motorhomes that don’t have a built-in generator, the only thing that will need to be kept up is changing the fluids. The plugs may also need to be changed depending on how often the motorhome has been driven before getting stored away and if it was used while being stored or how much weight was put into its storage space.

7. Purpose

Travel trailers are specifically designed for travel purposes, but motorhomes can be used for this purpose as well if that’s what their owners want to do with them.

Some people buy a travel trailer just because they’re looking for an affordable and practical solution regarding where to spend their vacations or enjoy their leisure time away from home. In other words, if you care more about the quality of your vacations rather than the cost factor than getting a recreational vehicle will prove one of the best investments of your life so far!

Other people who own either type of vehicle use them regularly for family vacations and other recreational outings that involve travel. This is also a great way to spend your free time while enriching your lifestyle in so many different ways!

8. Storage

Before you decide which type of recreational vehicle suits your lifestyle best, there are a few factors that need to be taken into consideration.

For example, if you’re planning on storing your rental vehicle for long periods of time then it’s better to get something smaller like a travel trailer because this is the only way you can avoid paying extra storage fees.

A motorhome will cost more money because it requires more space and living comfort levels than any other type of recreational vehicle out there so just keep this tip in mind before making any final decisions!

Also make sure that you choose an RV with all amenities included as opposed to renting one or choosing one that will require you to invest in additional features.

9. Fuel Price

Other things you need to consider include the fuel consumption of motorhomes and travel trailers because these two types of recreational vehicles need different amounts of gas depending on how far they’ve traveled and how much mileage has accumulated on them in a given period.

Motorhomes are not suitable for people who like traveling off the beaten track since it’s better for this type of vehicle to remain parked in one place due to its size, but this isn’t always necessary if your plans for going on long trips through mountains or dirt roads without any services nearby!

If you decide to park your RV near a road then make sure that there is easy access available so you can get out whenever needed, but don’t choose areas that have a lot of traffic because you’ll just end up spending more money in gas as the engine has to work harder than usual for longer periods of time!


This is my personal opinion for what its worth I like both styles but due to  the fact that I can travel further with a  Motorhome and stay in more luxurious surroundings I like Motorhome better.

The choice is up to you though based on your level of comfort and needs. If its just going from campsite to campsite then most campers would be happy with a few creature comforts, if you are planning on living in yours then you might want something larger than a tent!

Either way either method will give you memories of loads of fun times.

Motorhomes is the best way to live. I have camped with friends in a trailer and camper, but nothing beats  having your own place to stay even if it’s just for a week or so.

I like the freedom of where you want to go and what time you can arrive there. You never have to worry about  reservations or getting  a spot at any given park. It’s great that some parks have tent sites for over night stays too, but again this isn’t ideal if nights are cold and snowing!


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