What are low points drains on RV Trailer

What are low point drains on RV Trailer

There’s a valve for almost everything. You will notice one thing as you go through your RV. The manufacturers put a valve almost everywhere they could.

This is done to ensure that your RV is kept in good condition and that you can properly maintain your vehicle.

What is low point drain Function in a RV

Low Points on a RV is located underneath of your RV.The function of Low points is to drain all the water completely from your RVs water system so your pipes do not freeze when you are about to store your RV for a long period of time.

Does low point drains empty the water heater?

Yes ,When opening the valves of the low points of your RVs water system will drain the water heater tank.

There are up to 3 low point drains on your RV ,So make sure all 3 are open to drain the heater tank completely.

How do you open a low point drain?

To Open the Low points on your RV you need to either un screw the top cap of the pipe or swing the valve clock wise depending on your model of your RV.

Others will include a simple screw-on cap that may require a wrench to loosen before loosening the rest of the way. The key point to remember here is that the pump and toilet may not completely drain.

If this is the case, and you live in a cooler climate, you should put some RV antifreeze down the water lines to protect your pump and toilet from freezing. Even blowing air through the water lines will not completely remove all of the water.

What are low point drains on RV Trailer

How to Close a Low Point Drain

It’s possible that your low point drain valve won’t close completely. Some RVs will have a simple pull and push handle that will take care of that task for you.

If you find a wet spot under your drain valve, return to the pull and push handle and open and close the valve again.

Other RV models may have a simple turn the handle valve that works like a normal kitchen or bathroom tap. To close the valve, simply reverse the motion that was used to open it.

Alternatively, you could have threaded caps on your low water lines. After you’ve finger tightened them as much as you can, these threaded caps may require a little extra help tightening.

A properly sized wrench will grip those caps and ensure that they are completely tightened, with no leaks appearing.

What are the red and blue hoses under RV?

The Red and Blue pipes on your RV is called low points.The low points on your RV is to drain the water from your RVs water pipe system.

There are normally 3 sets of low points on a RV depending on your model.

How often should a drain low point drain?

You should drain your RVs low points before each trip and before storing your RV for a long period of time ,to sanitize the entire water system.

The longer the water stands in the water tank and system the more chances you have of bacteria growing in the system.

Should you drain your RV water heater after each trip?

Yes, We recommend doing it before each trip so that you can sanitize the water system completely.Over time a heater builds up with minerals from the water that will be harmful if consumed in a large amount.

T handle low point drain valve Replacement

Standard Low point valves always fail after time here is a guide to replace your standard low point valves with brass ball valves.

Here are the standard plastic low point valves


Here are the new brass ball valves replacing the standard ones



Low point water drains may be a topic that has passed into obscurity. Unless you own an older RV, you may no longer have them on your vehicle. However, just in case, you should search your RV for yourself. Take no one’s word for it, not even the owner’s manual.

Once you’ve found them, they’re not difficult to use and only take a few seconds to open and close. It’s fine if you have to blow them out with air.

Just keep in mind that if you live in the colder parts of the country, a small amount of RV antifreeze will help protect your lines, valves, and water facilities.


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