RV Keys and Locks – What you should Know

RVKeysandLocks WhatyoushouldKnow

RV Keys are one of the most important parts about the RV’s safety and security. Without keys and working locks you will not be able to lock your RV or even drive it to your next destination.

Here are some Tips to help you secure your RV and replacing lost RV keys.

Where can I get an RV Key made and Replace Lost Key?

RV keys can be made anywhere where they do key cutting like a locksmith or where you bought the RV from like the dealership.Here is a list of place that do RV replacement keys:

Places include:

  • RV Dealerships
  • Locksmiths
  • Hardware stores
  • Camping stores
  • Walmart
  • Lowe’s
  • Online like rvlocksandmore

RV storage compartment keys replacement

Yes ,Most RV’s use the exact same compartment locks the CH751 lockset. It just makes sense for manufacturers to use the same lock set ,because to keep track of all the locks and keys would be a nightmare.

You can find replacement keys on Amazon

We recommend replacing your old locks with more secure locks like the ILH key locks.

Are RV keys universal?

Yes ,RV keys are universal this is because manufactures make it simple for the sales person or dealerships to open and closes all the RV’s with one key.

This causes a big security issue with the standard locks on the RV and we suggest replacing your standard locks ASAP

How do you open a camper door without a key?

Without a key there is not much you can do then to call out a locksmith. The locksmith will be able to pick the lock and open the door.

The locksmith will be able to open the door in minutes that’s why its important to have a spare RV key.

Are RV locks secure?

Standard RV locks are not secure because 90% of the locks on all RV’s uses the same key.It uses a standard CH751 lockset which is a common lockset on all RV’s.

Replace the standard locks with new locks to keep your RV secure

Is it easy to break into an RV?

Break ins do happen all over the world and you have to take measurers to prevent break ins.You can follow the following steps to make your RV more secure:

  • Install security cameras
  • Only camp at safe campgrounds
  • Buy quality locks
  • Install motions detection lights and alarms
  • Get a wheel clamp
  • Secure storage compartments

How often are RVs stolen?

You are in luck ,RV theft does not happen very often when compared to motor vehicle theft.

According to the National RV Dealers Association 2013 had 2 thefts, 2014 had 1 theft, 2016 had 3 thefts, and 2018 and 2019 both had 1 theft.

This number is only calculated for RVs stolen at dealerships.

What do I do if I lost my RV Key?

If you have lost your RV keys and have looked everywhere and still cant find it ,the only option is to use your spare keys.If you dont have spare keys the last option you have is to call a mobile locksmith.

They will be able to help you and will open your RV within minutes if you have lost your RV keys.


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