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If you are looking to tow a FREE RV Trailer Towing Calculator or motorhome, you should be sure that your RV’s hitch is up to the task. The hitch rating refers to the amount of weight that your RV can pull.

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DISCLAIMER: FREE Online RV Travel Trailer and Truck Towing Calculator.This site is intended to be a useful tool for current and prospective RV’ers and is CURRENTLY AIMED TOWARDS TRAVEL RV TRAILERS ONLY What is a Towing Calculator? A towing weight calculator is a tool that calculates the safe weight limit for towing a trailer behind a a vehicle or Truck. The calculator will take into account the vehicle’s size and type. It will also calculate the maximum safe weight allowance of what can safely be towed, which is calculated according to the design and age of the tow truck.

How do I use a Towing Calculator? To find out what weight your tow truck or vehicle can legally tow, you should enter the relevant information into the towing calculator. You will need to enter details such as the size and model of the tow truck, as well as details about the trailer that is being towed. The towing calculator will then display an accurate maximum weight allowance so you can plan your journeys accordingly.

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RV Trailer Towing Calculator

Your tow vehicle will have a given capacity, but it may not always be clear with what your trailer needs in order to safely ride behind you, especially if are using an automatic transmission.

This online RV towing calculator helps determine how much weight and tongue weight can be carried by a particular combination without exceeding the vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines for safe operation.

RV Trailer Towing Calculator Ratings

There are two ratings used: gross vehicle weight (GVW) and curb weight (CW). The GVWR is the maximum allowable total weight of the loaded tow vehicle. The curb weight is the actual weight of your tow vehicle when it’s empty and ready to travel.

What you need to know about the online RV trailer towing calculator:

Weight is important – It’s critical that a conversion be made between units for the total trailer weight and tongue weight utilized in order for this tool to work properly.

RV Trailer Towing Calculator Example

RV Trailer Towing Calculator For example, if your trailer has a gross vehicle rating of 14500 lbs and has an unloaded/trailer weight (LTV) of 10250 lbs, then 3275 lb needs to be converted into 12375 kg so that the calculator can create relevant results.

but at least something out there as far as trailer weights go.. but we really hope someone will come up with something better soon!  

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What is a RV Trailer GVWR

The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) or Curb Weight of a motor vehicle is defined as “” the total weight of a motor vehicle including all tolerances, operating personnel, occupants, and cargo.

What is RV Trailer Curb Weigh

Curb weight is the weight of a vehicle without passengers or cargo except for standard items that’s in the car when it was manufactured

It is sometimes referred to as the Curb weight or shipping weight, even though it may not be shipped anywhere. What you see on your driver’s side door jamb sticker is the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), which is defined as follows:

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating – The maximum total gross combined weight of a fully-loaded single vehicle. GVWR does not include a payload.

What this definition means is that your vehicle’s GVWR includes everything inside it if it’s bolted down: passengers, cargo, hitch, towing capacity, roof racks, and any other accessory that is bolted to or placed inside your vehicle.

The GVWR rating system was created to ensure you don’t overload your truck so it doesn’t break down along the side of the road.

Curb weight for an SUV-type vehicle (not including passengers) may be around 3100 lbs for a 2WD and 3500 lbs range for a 4WD depending on manufacturer, model year, and options selected. Curb weight for larger trucks can be anywhere from 6500 lbs to 15000+ depending on application and features.

What is Towing Capacity?

Towing Capacity is the maximum amount of weight your truck, SUV, or car can tow behind it. The number listed by a manufacturer is always an “ideal” number set without any real-world factors.

For example, A tow rating for a vehicle may be 7,500 lbs., but if you have any sort of added weight on your vehicles such as cargo or passengers, that number will most likely decrease anywhere from 10% to 50%. Other times people disregard this altogether and just overload their vehicle with several thousand pounds more than they should ever try to pull.

How is RV towing capacity calculated?

The most commonly used method is calculating the maximum tongue weight based on fuel tank volume and axle capacities (which may or may not be the same).

The idea here is that once the fuel tanks are at least 75 percent full, there isn’t much risk of overloading either axle with additional tongue weight.

Does towing capacity include passenger weight?

No. The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is the maximum allowable total weight of your vehicle, including any options or accessories and all fluids necessary for the operation of the vehicle.

This rating includes passengers and cargo. When towing a trailer, the GVWR must be reduced by the amount of weight towed behind the vehicle plus 100 pounds per passenger carried in excess of five people.

For example, if you have loaded your vehicle with 400 pounds of fuel at full capacity, 600 pounds of family members in excess of five people and it has a load capacity of 500 pounds its maximum tow ratings would be 4500 lbs without any additional equipment.

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