How to save gas towing a RV trailer

How to save gas towing a RV trailer

How to save gas towing a RV trailer

RV living is all about how you can save many things, even a penny if possible without sacrificing your comfort.

When it comes to the things like how to save a fuel while driving on hills or during your RV living, it is more than just to make you relief. Well, it is also about the planet.

Therefore, it is good to reduce the fuel needs as much as possible for your RV living. Whether you are vacationing in an RV with your family or try to become an RV full-time, it is your prior to save a fuel. Here are the things you should do.

Saving A Fuel by Planning Ahead Before Buying an RV Trailer

Do you have a plan to buy RV trailer, or motorhomes on the market? Purchasing diesel-based vehicles can cause air pollution. In fact, it kills half a million of people per year.

The diesel emissions, especially the particles can cause some health issues such as lung, heart, and breathing problems.

On the other hands, when you take gas vehicle, it does not pollute the air as much as diesel vehicles. Unfortunately, you need to use more fuel to get to your destination.

Also, gas is far from green. Therefore, if you want to buy a new RV, make sure that you know how much the fuel it uses to help you decide.

It Is the Matter of Size

The fuel efficiency of your RV trailer is also about the size of the vehicle. It is true that if you want to know how to save a fuel, it means you should go with smaller vehicle. It is why you should consider how many berths, how much space, and if possible, go with the smallest option that can complete your needs.

Electric RV

So, this is the more sustainable option. You can enjoy the nature without destruct the environment. You can go with the fully electronic motorhomes, thanks to the advanced technology at this time.

For example, you can buy the Nissan NV200, as a fully electric motorhome to complete your RV camping experience. It offers zero emissions, easy driving, and low-cost to run. Therefore, it is a great choice for many RVers. The concept of electric campers like BUDD-E and Nimbus means that you are ready to become futuristic RV camper.

DIY Electric RV

Can you make your own electric RV for your RV lifestyle? Yes you can! Many outdoor enthusiasts around the world are starting to convert their diesel motorhomes. They have old vehicles and they transform it to become the comfortable electric vehicle for camping. If you know where to get a help to do this, you can start it right now.

Hybrid RV

It is okay if you are not ready for a diesel motorhome yet. You can still go with a hybrid engine motorhome. There are many hybrid motorhomes that provide you environmental benefits.

Before You Are Starting Your RV Camping Adventure

Additionally, you can reduce the fuel use for your RV before you are traveling in many destinations. Well, you can find the best way on how to save a fuel while driving highways, by creating a little planning.

For example, you can plan ahead, especially for the time you want to spend on the road. It is better to choose destinations that are not too far from your home for your RV journey.

After that, you can prolong your stays in the destination you visit. It is good to spend more time at the destination and less time on the road to help you save a fuel, and to know better about each site you visit. Other than that, you can try something like green ideas during your RV journey.

For example, you can grow some food in your RV.

Research Your Route

You don’t have to drive highways all the time during your RV journey. If you spend more time to learn and research the available routes, you may have the options so it can cut the fuel consumption better than ever.

Therefore, make sure that you can avoid the highways, avoid the traffic black spots and busy roads, as well. It is better to go with stop-start driving.

Also, make sure you are not taking unnecessary miles during your journey. It is fun to have spontaneous journey but it can mean a lot if you can reduce the fuel.

Check Your RV

Do you know that the big reason your RV take bigger fuel usage is because of minor problems? It means you should check your RV first so it is on its best to complete your journey.

You should check the lights, the oils and service it regularly. Additionally, you should check the pressure on the tires before starting your journey.

The wrong pressure can cost more on the road because you are wasting a lot of fuel. It is also important to note that the more weight you add into your RV, the more fuel it needs to run the machine.

While Driving On The Road

You can save a fuel of your RV vehicle by doing some simple things below:

  • Turn off heating and AC when it is not necessary
  • If you need to stop, then stop. Do not run the engine for a long time if the vehicle does not move at all.
  • Keep the speed below 60 mph. You are RV-ing and it means just enjoy the show. Make it slow and steady.


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