How To Keep Your RV Trailer Cool In Summer

How To Keep Your RV Trailer Cool In Summer.

How To Keep Your RV Trailer Cool In Summer

How To Keep Your RV Trailer Cool In Summer. This is one of the RV Camping hacks and Tricks that will never help you, until you meet the climate change. Summer and extreme weather may happens followed with heat waves. Today, this matter is more common than ever. On the other hands, RV Camping is what you need as the enjoyable way to enjoy the warmth of the sunshine. But, what can you do when your RV is too hot? Here are some RV Camping hacks and Tricks to escape from this situation.It works if you do RV camping in hot countries.

1. Parking

You have learned all best RV Trailer camping hacks in your life and you start your journey to camp out. The high temperatures may make you unable to provide more features in your RV. The last choice for you to reduce the temperatures in your RV is to park in a shady area. Therefore, it is better for you to go and park beneath trees. Otherwise, park on the northern side of any building so you can avoid the sun light.

2. When Parking in Shady Area is Impossible

What can you do? The best RV camping hacks and tricks to deal with the matter is to find any solution on how to avoid the sun’s heat. Here, you can park your RV and make sure that the largest areas of glazing will face north, not south. Limit the amount of heat by seeing the patterns how the sun makes in the sky and how the light can enter your RV.

3. What’s wrong With Your RV Trailer?

Sometimes we are trying all RV Camping life hacks, but we have no ways out of this matter. Well, it can be because of your RV. Go around and evaluate whether your RV is well-ventilated or not. It is uncomfortable when you are going inside just to cool down but the space is so unpleasant, even warmer than outside. Therefore, you should solve the matter by checking that your motorhome, caravan, or tent has good ventilation so you can breathe comfortably and even enjoy a quick nap.

How To Keep Your RV Trailer Cool In Summer

How to make sure that your RV Trailer has good ventilation?

RV Camping Life Hacks: To answer this question is easy. Simply, check that your vents on the RV are operating properly and obstruction-free. Other than that, open some windows a crack so you can create a breeze to cool the space.

4. Destination Has A Part Of It

Not all campers know that one of the Best RV Camping hacks to keep you cool during summer camping is to stay near water resources. When summer and you want to go for RV camping, it is better to choose the destinations wisely. In this season, you should RV camp near the coast, near the large bodies of water, in mountainous areas or near areas at the higher elevations.

What can you do if you are exploring in areas where the heat is hard to prevent?

RV Camping life hacks: The answer to deal with this matter is to be aware of climate and conditions. If you are not comfortable with the hot summer climate, it is better to check the weather forecast before going to the campsite. If you must do this, you should make a sensible decision for your itinerary. You should plan ahead and solidly.

5. RV Trailer Camping Life Hacks: Things To Do In Hot Weather

  • Improve insulation
  • Add an awning to reduce the amount of heat and light from the sun to go inside of your RV
  • Add aid cooling by increasing the air flow in your RV. You can use portable fan, a solar-powered fan, and others.
  • Use external or internal blinds
  • Cooling your body instead of Your RV. Take an outdoor shower

6. RV Trailer Camping Hacks and Tricks: Items to Keep You Cool in Hot Summer

  • Buy a collapsible water carrier
  • Purchase a high quality cool box
  • Add an insulated water bottle
  • Add a sun shade
  • Invest your money in a solar outdoors shower
  • Do some outdoor activities like dipping in a river, swimming, and others.

So, those are all things you should know how to keep your RV camping is not too hot to deal in summer.


You don’t need a RV hookup to keep temperatures low. Besides that, You may keep cool in your RV while camping in the summer, even without electricity. Hopefully these video about RV hacks help you this summer! Stay cool!

Stay Cool in your RV this Summer

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