How To Do RV Trailer Camping With Dog Safely

How To Do RV Trailer Camping With Dog Safely.

How To Do RV Trailer Camping With Dog Safely

How To Do RV Trailer Camping With Dog Safely. RV Trailer camping world is so much fun with the whole family. So, you want to bring your whole family for RV camping. You bring your kids for fun RV camping, and even with your dogs! In fact, there are many RV campers have been spending their adventure with their dogs. To make sure that you do not ruin this adventure period, you can try these things first.

Consider The Personality of The Dog

RV camping world is amazing that you should know your dog well by now before bringing the dog for this adventure. Make sure that you can handle them. If you have no dog yet, please consider carefully if you have a plan to adopt any pup.

RV Trailer Camping With Dogs Ask Yourself

Do you think that your dog bark often? If so, you should better consider whether they can disturb other campers or not. If the answer is yes, it means you should train your dog first so it is less yappy.

The next question is whether your dog get carsick or not. If you never brought your dogs to ride a car, then it is better to try some moments before the day. If the dog gets carsick, support them with medicine. If the dog is too nervous even for a short trip, you should take them out of the car on the shorter journeys more often.

Do you think that your dog is aggressive toward people and other animals? If so, you do not want to bring the dog just to hurt other campers. If so, you must have your dogs on the leash. If you cannot handle the dog, it is better to send them for training first.

Do you know about the breed of your dog? It is so sad to know that many campgrounds still use breed to judge dogs. Dog breeds that they consider as aggressive dog surely will not stay in any RV parks. Therefore, to avoid this problem that you should call ahead if they categorize your dog as aggressive breed.

The Ultimate RV Trailer Tips With Dog

Once you think that your dog is a good buddy to complete your RV camping world, these are the things to consider:

The Campground

Not all campgrounds accept dogs, even they accept they still have the criteria of the dog breeds. Make sure you are choosing the right campground for your dog. You can use Go Pet Friendly to find the right campground and call ahead for their regulation.


If you have a plan to do RV camping but the distance is quite far away from your house, it is better to stop often. This is important to let your dog to have their drink, to relieve, and to do a little movement. There are many rest stops available such as pet areas.

Clean Up

It is important to clean up after the dog. We all want campgrounds continue to allow dogs, and therefore it is always good to clean up after them.


Let the AC keeps working for your dog. Or, you can use a tool to keep the tabs on the right temperature while you are going out. You never know that anytime the power may go out. So, it is unfair to let your dog to overheat in the RV. You can do a little trick on how to keep the RV stay cool during hot summer RV camping, too.

Medical Records

Some RV parks require this and you also never know when your dog needs to see a vet. Therefore, it is always important to bring medical records of your dog.

Dogs Accessories

Dogs only need few things to keep them comfortable such as dog crate, dog ramp, and dogs pads. It is all about how to make them comfortable. Also, you may need waste bag, temperature alarm, and dog bed.

Best RV Trailer Camping World With Dogs

You can do many activities when you are doing RV camping world with your dogs. For example, you can explore beach, enjoy long trails for hiking, and enjoy playing in the lake. Even better, it is good to play with your dog in open field or playing fetch.

If you go to national parks, read their regulation because most of these parks do not allow dogs.

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