How do you remove steps from an RV?

How do you remove steps from an RV?

How do you remove steps from an RV?

To remove your steps from your RV is not difficult if you follow these safety checks and procedures.

1. Use a Jack

Use a car jack with a wooden board to keep the jack in place.This will prevent the jack from slipping out from under the RV.Make sure your jack is capable of carrying the weight of the steps.The average weight of RV steps is 30 pounds depending on the manufacturer

2. Use a rope

You can use a rope and wrap it around the steps and tight it to the chassis of the RV to prevent the steps from folding out and hurting you.


3. Unbolt

Use a wrench to loosen the bolts ,but make sure that the jack is secure and holding the steps secure so the steps does not come down on you.


4. Welded Steps

Some of the old RVs steps is welded to the RV.In this case you will have to use a grinder or a cutting torch to loosen the steps.Make sure that you are cutting away from the fuel lines and gas tank.

5. Automatic RV Steps

If you have automated steps the steps are the same.Secure the steps remove the bolts and disconnect the electric wires for the motor.


6. Lower the Steps

After removing all the bolts lower the jack so that the steps will come down.Becarefull that the steps do not slip of the jack.It is a good idea to get someone to hold the steps while dropping it down.

If you are unsure about the weight of your steps you can look on Amazon to see the shipping weight of your RV steps to calculate the weight.

7. Installing the new RV Steps

Once the old steps has been removed you can install the new steps. Put the new steps on the jack and jack it up till the step holes corresponds with the holes on the RV.Fasten the bolds and make sure it is fastened you don.t want to fall off when getting into the RV.

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