FULL GUIDE: Best way to get RV WIFI

What Is The Best way to get RV WIFI

As a glimpse into the future of Internet access, consider this: A family in South Dakota parks its RV near Yellowstone National Park. Dad wants to show his college-age kids Old Faithful as it erupts — live from webcams on the park’s website.

But oops he does not have internet. What now? No worry I will talk you thru on how to get Wifi when camping with your RV.

What Is The Best way to get RV WIFI

The best way to get RV wifi is by using a device called Mobile Hotspot Routers. The Mobile Hotspot Routers enables the user to connect their devices with a cellular carrier and run them on battery power or RV Power.

By using this device, RVers do not need to connect to a WiFi signal that may result in high costs.

The biggest benefit of having RV wifi is being able to remain connected at all times.

An additional advantage is that it works with any carrier such as Verizon, AT&T or Sprint. Setup is also simple and does not take time away from traveling around. It takes only 10 minutes for full installation without even leaving your vehicle.

For preparation, you must have an outdoor antenna that sends signals back and forth between your Mobile Hotspot Routers and cell tower through a dedicated cellular network.. You can mount the antennas on top of the coach or fasten them on top of external mirrors.

You Won’t be able to view or use Spotify, Netflix and YouTube without an Ethernet connection.

Also if you are familiar with Wi-Fi terms like password or IP address, these may not apply for the automatic Mobile Hotspot Routers . As stated before however, setup is easy and does not require professional assistance. This makes it a great option for users who lack technical skills.

Another downside is that using cellular data when you already have a weak internet connection may result in slow internet speeds.

One thing to consider when buying this product is that there are no additional services such as free data that come with your cellular signal. Once you purchase the Mobile Hotspot Routers box, you will have an internet connection, but you must pay for access from your cell service provider.

5 Best Mobile Hotspot Routers

1. Amazon eero mesh WiFi router

2. RoamWiFi R10 Portable WiFi Device 4G Router Mobile Hotspot

3. NETGEAR Nighthawk M1 Mobile Hotspot 4G LTE Router

4. Alcatel LINKZONE Version 2021 MW45AN | Mobile WiFi Hotspot

5. TUOSHI Unlocked 4G LTE Router with SIM Card Slot


A Mobile Hotspot Routers is a simple way of getting wifi in your RV without any hassles or expensive installation costs and it works with any mobile network . Its light weight and small size make it easy to use and carry around, so users can get connected wherever they go.

The feed back from customers has been positive which shows why more people should consider this device for their next camping trip.


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