Finding RV Dump Stations And Fresh Water Fill-Ups

Finding RV Dump Stations And Fresh Water Fill-Ups

FindingRVDumpStationsAndFreshWaterFill Ups

RV Dump stations are plentiful on most highways, as most rest stops have them, but finding one is usually not hard if you keep your eyes open for such signs as “RV Dump” or “Fresh Water.”

It’s not hard to find public dump stations. Campgrounds and RV parks offer them as a courtesy, but it’s good to know your options. Here are the places you’ll find dump stations:

As with many things in life, when you’re looking for an RV dump station one of the best places to start is through word of mouth.

Ask around at local camp grounds, truck stops and rest areas or even call ahead and check availability using their websites. Most large cities have maps showing locations of city operated facilities on their web sites too.

Finding RV Dump Stations Online

The internet has made searching for nearby dumps easier than ever before. There are two main resources we use here:

1. Dump Stations that lists dump stations by state

The site is really quite useful, but please be aware of any campgrounds you may wish to use in the future as they are continually updating their database – if you find them on this site that might just mean it’s time for an update!

Once you get into a city or town looking up public dump stations on Google maps is pretty simple. In order to use nearby GPS coordinates for your location, you need to enable “My Location”.

To do so: Click the small icon in the upper right corner Click on “Sign in” and login to your account (if not logged in already).

On the left side of the page click on “My Places”. The screen that appears has two columns. Click on the “Add a place” link in the right hand column.

Type in a name for the location (e.g., RV Dumps). Under “Place Details”, type in your coordinates and hit ‘save’.

2. Google Maps.

Checking your location will allow you to add nearby dump stations, camp grounds, truck stops or any other business you wish to search for. The key is to remember: Google maps works with GPS coordinates so be sure to enter yours into your account as above if you want it working properly!

Once we’re heading out into the boondocks my husband always checks both sites first thing so he can get his buns walking before he’s got to stop at some obscure backwoods rest area with no toilet!

Finding RV Dump Stations And Fresh Water Fill Ups

What is a RV Dump Station?

RV dump stations are for the disposal of wastewater from RVs that has been stored in the black tank. This type of facility will typically be found inside a campground or truck stop.

RV dump stations can usually be found by asking around and looking for them on online maps such as Google Maps.

Is there an app to find RV dump stations?

Check out the app “Recreation” by Verizon. This app has access to all of the data in the above sites and will even give directions from your location!

The only thing it’s missing is updates from user-submitted locations, but I found that if you submit them when you find them they get added pretty quickly.

The second, called RV Dump Finder for iPhone and Android, has a database of over 16,000 RV dump station locations with reviews and directions.

What about FREE dump stations?

The above sites also list a number of FREE local dump stations for RVs, located near city and county parks, marinas or RV dealerships.

Be careful not to mistake a “free” service station in front of an auto-repair shop that charges over $10 for diesel! Also be sure to check out the websites for your favorite camping destinations; many offer detailed guides with their own updated lists of free dump stations along major roads.

What is the best method to find nearby dump stations?

What is the best method to find nearby dump stations? I’ve tried MapQuest and Yahoo Maps but they haven’t been very helpful. If you’re using Garmin or Magellan GPS systems – both have built-in features to help you find dump stations.

You can also go online at Road Side America and enter your current location to get a list of the nearest facilities in any direction from your current position – though they do charge for this service.

Where can I empty my RV black tank?

Public dump stations are located in city parks, campgrounds and truck stops. You can find them by asking around. For further assistance using the internet search “public dump station” or go to the website where you can find a listing for every state.

How To Find Nearby RV Fresh Water Fill-Up

Finding a nearby place to water your RV can be quite difficult when travelling to the middle of nowhere. And no one wants to drive out of town with low water or a dry tank.

If you’re feeling like you’re running low on fresh water, watch for town or city hall signs that show the way to a nearby town, city or area where there are fresh water fill stations near by. If you can find one that is open during these droughts and low water years, then plan on making a quick stop to fill up.

The best time to go here is in the early morning before the local traffic picks up.

Where can I fill up my RV with fresh water?

For campgrounds that provide fresh water for your RV. We recommend checking the following websites before you visit to ensure a site is still in operation:  (for Seattle)  or (lists all of Washington’s parks & trails). You can also fill up with non-potable water at some public and private swimming pools, car washes, boat ramps, and fire stations.


One more note; although dump stations are usually free for RVs, larger trucks have been known to charge up to $20 at some rest areas and privately owned commercial truck stops just for dumping – without a stay or shower! So be sure to read signs carefully before pulling in for service and make sure there’s no charge -it can save ya some big bucks. The same goes for any gas station with a convenience stores.

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