[FACTS] How Much Does It Cost to Rent an RV?(SHOCKING)

How Much Does It Cost to Rent an RV?

How Much Does It Cost to Rent an RV?

If you never rented an RV before you might have a lot of questions to where to start and who to ask?If you’ve never rented an rv before you’ve probably got at least one ,two ,five or maybe even all of these questions.I have a bunch of answers for you about your questions so lets get started.

It may seem expensive to rent an RV ,but when you think about the cost of RV ownership and the depreciation ,purchase price ,taxes and the maintenance you come to relies that renting a RV is much cheaper then owning one.

At the time of renting our RV this is what it cost us in 2021 and depends on the following factors:

  1. Rental companies charge per night and depends on peak months.The longer you rent for the cheaper the daily rate will be.The rental amount can also vary due to where you rent from and supply and demand.
  2. You have to calculate how many miles you going to drive.Most RV rental companies charge per mile.This varies between 40 -60 cents per mile.Most RV rental companies include 100 – 200 miles per day free.
  3. To work out how much you will be paying per night depends on the miles you drove for the day.For example the cost to rent the RV is 120$ and you drove 400 miles 120$ (daily rate) + the avg of 40 cents per mile x 400 (miles) The total cost is 280$ for the day
  4. All the new RV rentals comes with a generator and a propane tank for the stove.This is another calculation to factor in as you are going to use the stove to make dinner or use the generator if you camping in a remote part of the world.
  5. The other factor to consider to how much does it cost to rent a RV is all the other expenses and fees from the RV rental company.Most RV rental companies will charge for Bedding ,Kitchen utensils and a deposit (that is refunded if the RV is returned in good condition)

What is the average nightly prices for a RV

RV TypeAverage Rental Price (Per Night)
Class A Motorhome$150 to $250
Class B Motorhome$110 to $200
Class C Motorhome$175 to $200
Toy Hauler$110 to $200
Fifth Wheel $70 to $160
Travel Trailer $60 to $130
Pop-up Camper$60 to $100

Here was our cost when we rented our RV:

  • 13 Nights $938.00
  • 2500 Miles $1020.00
  • State Tax 5% $97.90
  • Total miles included with rental: 2500 miles

Miscellaneous Charges

  • Total Charge $2055.90
  • Security Deposit $450.00
  • Less Reservation Deposit -$250.00
  • Balance Due on Pickup $2255.90

Gas Price for renting a RV

This is one of the biggest expenses when renting a RV ,because its not a fixed cost like a deposit or a rental fee.The cost of gas you will be using will all depend on how far you drive and the different gas price in the different states.

Other Cost

In Addition to gas there are cost to enter park ,stay at campgrounds ,running the generator and filling up the propane tank.The average rate to get into national parks was 25$

What types of RV’s can you rent

The good news is you can rent pretty much any type of RV.

You can rent something so simple as a pop-up camper or you can rent something like a multi-million dollar bus conversion that the rock stars travel in. A class C and a RV Travel Trailer is the most common to rent.You can visit RVshare to see all available trailer to rent.

What is included when renting a RV

That’s really going to depend on the owner and the particular RV you rent.Some come fully equipped and some come pretty basic ,but then you’re paying to rent the other items as part of the rental.

You can choose to rent the very basics and bring your own bedding and kitchen ware. Or you have the the money just included all the luxuries in the rental agreement. So make sure you ask your RV rental what is included in the rental and the prices of the addons.

Will your Insurance cover an RV rental

In short , No in general no it’s not like renting a car.Renting an RV is very different and so most more often than not you will not be covered with your existing insurance policy on a RV rental.

Depending on where you rent it from they may have RV rental insurance included in that rental price.So the RV rental insurance is typically covered by the RV owners policy ,but you can get additional coverage for you just if you want that extra peace of mind and security.

If you are Renting a RV from RVshare the insurance is already added in rental cost.

Is it worth it to rent an RV?

The number one thing on people’s minds right now is safety.We all want to travel but want to be safe because everyone has been cooped up.

It may seem expensive to rent an RV ,but when you think about the cost of RV ownership and the depreciation ,purchase price ,taxes and the maintenance you come to relies that renting a RV is much cheaper then owning one.

This year is the best year to go and travel in a RV ,because all the other types of travels are either closed or restricted. Lots of people do not want to get onto planes or even stay in a hotel so to rent a RV is well worth it because its a way to explore the world if you don’t have an RV and have a great travel experience.

Renting an RV has no restrictions that are imposed on people because you’re going to bring your own food you’re going to have your own bed your own kitchen your own bathroom. So you have a fully contained environment to go do all of your traveling and exploring and it’s really a great time to get out with your family and travel.

Renting an RV you can have your meals in a city anywhere you choose. You can just pull over somewhere on the side of the road or go to a scenic destination.You don’t even have to go out to restaurants anymore you can just pick up takeout and cook your own meals and go and enjoy it somewhere scenic.

Some people even rent RV’s if they don’t have a towing vehicle and ask the rental company to drop the trailer of at the campgrounds.

Renting a RV for a second house or office

A lot of people are renting RV’s for a second office or for business trips.If you are someone that has a home business and need to travel for business without spending the extra money on hotels and flights renting an RV is for you.

People have also been renting RV’s putting it in their driveways to be able to accommodate family members when they are visiting and the house is to small.People even rent RVs if their displaced due to flooding or got damaged for some reason.

How do you rent a RV

Of course the easiest way to do that right now is online like on the website RVshare. RV rentals are very popular right now. Fortunately there are a lot to choose from there are literally thousands around the country and in every state.Some RV Dealers may also rent out RV’s especially if they are looking to sell you a RV.


Renting a RV will make a lot of sense if you don’t go camping often or you don’t have the facilities to store it.If you calculate all the ownership cost and you only use it twice a year ,renting a RV is a much better cost effective approach.

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