Best Time Of Year To Go Kayaking (And WORST)

Best Time Of Year To Go Kayaking

A kayaking trip is centered around the water, so it’s important to know what to expect it before you actually go. The type of water and weather conditions can significantly impact your trip.

It could make or break an entire vacation. This article will help you gain some knowledge that you need for planning a kayaking vacation.

Best Time Of Year To Go Kayaking

1. Choose The Season

The first thing that should be considered is the season in which you’ll be going out on the water since certain times are more popular than others.

For example, winter and spring months are often better because of colder temperatures and fewer crowds during these times of year.

Spring usually sees bigger waves, while summer has smaller waves that tend to be choppier but calmer overall.

Autumn tends to have more stable waters with less waves than spring or summer.

2. Water Temperature

An important thing to consider is the water temperature since it’s crucial that you know how cold the waters are because this can impact your comfort while out on the water.

Cold weather means less activity time and some people even get hypothermia which is when the body loses heat faster than it produces heat, causing a dangerously low body temperature.

In order to stay comfortable in cold water, start off with gradual exposure before plunging into frigid waters and always wear a dry suit.

The only way for experienced kayakers to work with colder temperatures is by taking multiple precautions such as wearing neoprene boots and gloves, keeping their core warm, wearing dry suits or using a spray jacket and thermal underwear for added insulation.

How do I know what type of water and weather conditions are best for a kayaking trip?

A good place to start is by knowing when the season starts for that area. When you have an idea of what seasons you’re looking at, take into consideration what kind of weather patterns those seasons bring.

Another thing to consider is the amount of sunlight and cloud cover each season brings with it. Kayakers should always prepare well before going out on the water, so look up the average temperatures for each season as well.

Surprisingly enough, there are many people who don’t really pay attention to any of these factors. They just go out in their kayaks without even thinking about how cold or warm it could get.

By taking into consideration the things mentioned above, you’ll be better prepared for your next kayaking trip.

What safety precautions should I take when going out on the water?

It’s important to wear a lifejacket since it’s required in some areas. Also make sure that there are no leaks or tears in it because if you fall off of your kayak and can’t swim, this could be your one chance of survival.

When planning a kayaking trip, always think about what could possibly happen and how you would handle it so that nothing takes you by surprise during the actual trip.

For example, if you know that there will be dangerous weather conditions while out on the water, prepare yourself ahead of time for that.

Also, have an emergency kit with you when kayaking in case anything goes wrong and you get into trouble – or if there are other people with you who need help.

Along with your lifejacket, it’s a good idea to bring some waterproof matches in case your fire starter gets wet since this could mean the difference between staying warm or getting hypothermia.

Also include things like a flashlight, drinking water, compass, first aid kit and flares. You can even add items like sunglasses for the sun protection factor so that your eyes don’t have to suffer from being exposed to the glare of sunlight reflecting off of the water’s surface while out on the open waters.

How do I find reputable service providers?

It’s important to do a bit of research before settling on one kayaking service provider over another. You can start by checking out reviews online and looking at pictures from past kayaking trips that they’ve led.

1. Reputation

What others say about a company will let you know what their customer service is like, how well they handle issues and emergencies that may arise while on the water and even if they have lifejackets available for rent or purchase.

2. Safety

Another thing to consider is if some of their boats are equipped with motors or not because you’ll want to make sure that safety is of top priority so you don’t end up in a dangerous situation where help isn’t close by.

3. Bookings

Also think about how many hours you’re interested in booking for. If it’s for an entire weekend or a week, you probably want to go with one of the companies that does group trips since this is much more affordable than booking private hourly trips.

With all of these things in mind, you can research a good company and book your trip from there.

What other kayaking safety tips should I know about?

1. Weather

Always check the weather conditions before going out on the water so that you’re not caught off guard by any dangerous changes like strong winds or sudden rain storms.

Remember, if something looks wrong while paddling around, try to get back to shore as quickly as possible because getting lost on the water can be very dangerous at times.

The same goes when you’re beach camping – if you’re too far away from shore then take proper precautions.

2. The Currents

It’s also important to know your limits on the water. You wouldn’t want to go out during high tide if you’re not an experienced kayaker or when there are strong winds because it could cause you to capsize and drown.

The same guidelines apply when taking part in other water sports like surfing, swimming and so forth. Just make sure that you can handle whatever activity you’re doing before heading out since experience is definitely key!

What should I bring?

1. Protection

Always bring sunscreen, sunglasses and protection against bugs or other pests that can get in your way while out on the water such as repellent or insecticides.

2. Food And Water

Also make sure to dress appropriately after closely checking the weather conditions. It’s important to stay together with others who are paddling around with you since getting lost on the open waters is never good and can even become dangerous if you’re not careful. You’ll also want to have plenty of water and food so that you can stay energized throughout the trip.

What should I wear?

You’ll want to wear lightweight clothes such as shorts, a t-shirt or tank top, and sandals since being out on the water could make you feel cold due to wind exposure.

It’s also important to bring along anything that can help keep pests away from you on your kayak like bug spray or other chemicals. Remember, it’s very hot out in the open waters so if you’re not used to this type of weather then make sure to drink lots of water!

Do I need any special equipment?

Answer: If you don’t already own a kayak then most companies will have rentals available for you to use.

While it’s always a good idea to bring your own kayak with you, there are some places where renting is necessary or recommended like in very remote locations that don’t have enough space for overnight camping and so forth.

When renting out the kayaks that you’ll want to make sure that they’re suitable for your height and weight since this will directly determine how easy it will be to navigate through the water.

What other items do I need?

Remember, you can’t bring knives or any materials that could be harmful while on board the ship because these items are considered dangerous on water vessels.

You’ll also want life jackets which should be properly fitted by an experienced person before heading out onto waters. Be sure to know the differences between different kinds of kayaks like sea kayaks, touring kayaks and so forth before going out on your trip.

Remember that you can always ask for help from others who have already attempted a similar route as yours in order to get some advice on what you should bring with you, how many people are needed and more.


Kayaking is a great way to explore the world through water, but it can be dangerous if you don’t take precautions. Before going on your kayaking trip, make sure that you’re dressed appropriately for the weather and have all of the necessary equipment with you so that nothing goes wrong and so that everyone can enjoy themselves without having any problems.


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