[BEST] RV Trailer Length For Parks (And WORST)

Best RV Trailer Length For Parks

If you are planning on going camping in an RV park or staying at a trailer park then knowing how long your RV is to choose the best campsite will ensure that you enjoy your vacation.

The Best RV length for Parks is between 25 and 30 feet long. 98% of all national parks excepts RVs 19 feet trailers and less. All campgrounds and parks excepts RVs 12 feet and smaller in the United States. We have compiled a full list of RV length and Park sizes

It doesn’t matter if you have another type of RV such as a motorhome, fifth wheel, pop-up camper or travel trailer, it is always better to know how long yours is to be sure it will fit into the parking space and not block the neighbor’s view.

Average Length of RVs

Your length may vary slightly due to manufacturer’s different measurements but here are some standard numbers:

Class C RVs

15 feet to 45 ft (4.5 meters) – Class C Most towed vehicles fall within this size range.

Fifth wheels and Pop-up campers

14 feet to 42 ft (4.2 meters) – Class B You will find that many travel trailers fall into this size category along with some fifth wheels and pop-up campers.

Fifth wheels, Airstreams, Teardrop campers and Popup campers

13 feet to 39 ft (3.8 meters) – RV Trailer Length For Parks This is the standard size for fifth wheels, Airstreams, teardrop campers and popup campers.

Travel Trailer

11½ feet to 34 ft (3.2 meters) – Travel Trailer Size If you have a small travel trailer then towing may not be necessary because it can be towed by smaller vehicles such as an SUV or four door car if in good condition.

Although not mentioned here you should check your manual or ask the salesman about the payload capacity of your tow vehicle or towing hitch if you plan on going camping in an RV park and need a place to stay.

9½ feet to 27 ft (2.4 meters) – Pop-Up Campers, Travel Trailers, Teardrop And Airstream Camper This is the smallest size for RVs with weight capacities under 3000 lbs and can only be towed by lighter vehicles such as most passenger cars.

Travel Trailer Size Most travel trailers are made between 10′ 6″ and 13′ long which gives you plenty of room but they will not fit into most parking spaces because they are wider than a normal car measuring 8′ 7″ wide so finding one that fits will be easier said than done, especially if the campground is busy and full. A trailer this size will easily fit into an RV park but make sure it has a hook up for electricity so you can use their power.

12 Foot Travel Trailer

Travel trailers fall between 10 feet 6 inches and 12 feet in length which is about the same as most trucks that pull them, including extended cab duallys measuring around 25 ½ feet long.

They are generally wider than regular cars by 8 foot 7 inches but with a few exceptions; newer models have less width which makes them easier to maneuver yet they still weigh around 3000 lbs without any furnishings.

The first picture above shows that many of these campers will not fit through narrow passages without backing up since they are more in line with the measurements of automobiles. The second picture above shows that if you do not have a long truck for towing then keep looking because most campers this size will be too high to tow.

14 Foot Travel

Trailer A good-sized travel trailer is 18 feet in length but a 14 footer can handle more than one person and their camping gear without crowding them.

Because it makes excellent use of space there is plenty of head room and storage compartments for storing your belongings. Pickup trucks or large SUVs are needed for towing these trailers which are usually pulled by dually pickup trucks although they make excellent tow vehicles for almost any size travel trailer including small crossovers, minivans and compact SUV’s.

You may have some difficulty finding an RV park that has large enough sites for this size trailer because they are generally longer than the average parking space.

13 Foot Travel Trailer

A 13 foot travel trailer will fit in most parking spaces and is the perfect size for a couple in their late 50’s or early 60’s who want to take their retirement years traveling to new camping destinations with plenty of room for storing things along with an adequate amount of cooking facilities, toilet & shower area, sleeping arrangements and extra seating.

9 foot wide pickup trucks should be used for towing although some newer models have a lower profile underneath which reduces problems backing up and hitting overhead branches when it rains but these are exceptions to the rule. It can easily fit into RV parks or larger campgrounds that offer electrical hookups since its length is similar to the average parking space.

National Park RV Campsite Length Averages

  • RVs up to 12′ in length fit in every national park campground in the United States, although there are a few campgrounds that don’t allow RVs at all and are tent only.
  • RVs up to 19′ in length fit in 98% of all national park service campgrounds.
  • RVs up to 25′ in length fit in 93% of all national park campgrounds
  • RVs up to 29′ in length fit in 84% of all national park campgrounds
  • RVs up to 32′ in length fit in 81% of all national park campgrounds
  • RVs up to 35′ in length fit in 73% of all national park campgrounds
  • RVs up to 37′ in length fit in 60% of all national park campgrounds
  • RVs up to 40′ in length fit in 53% of all national park campgrounds
  • RVs up to 41′ in length fit in 7% of all national park campgrounds


You should always check your owner’s manual and contact the manufacturer for any weight limitations based on the age of your vehicle before going camping in an RV park.

The information above has been compiled from a variety of sources including product manuals, manufacturers websites, salespeople, consumer reviews and more so you will need to do your own research to confirm all data since some information could be out dated or wrong.

You can also use this vehicle size guide when shopping for other types of vehicles such as side by sides (utility vehicles) which have become popular among hunters and recreational campers because they are easily maneuverable into extremely narrow spaces with tall walls on many public lands.

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