Are Combat Boots Good For Hiking?(WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW)

Are Combat Boots Good For Hiking

Combat Boots are very durable and comfortable; they offer good support while staying light enough to not slow you down when walking or running long distances such as hiking trails.

While most people wear combat hiking boots primarily for their style appeal and durability, these shoes actually make great footwear for hiking.

Because combat boots are made to last, they are very durable and can withstand rough terrain for many miles without breaking down or failing you.

What are Combat Boots?

Combat Boots are sturdy boots that are primarily used for military purposes. They were designed to allow soldiers to travel in difficult terrain such as mud, snow and rock while carrying a full load of equipment.

Although all combat boots have similar characteristics for practical purposes, they vary greatly depending on the country and/or manufacturer.

There is a wide variety of combat boots available, but almost all of them:

  • Provide excellent foot and ankle stability and protection.
  • Grip securely in all terrains.
  • Are made of hardened, waterproof leather.
  • Internal panels of high-tech materials are frequently used to improve breathability and comfort.
  • Have different designs for different conditions, such as jungle boots, desert boots, cold weather boots, and so on.
  • Have a longer life expectancy than most civilian boots and are specifically designed to be comfortable in a variety of changing conditions.
Are Combat Boots Good For Hiking?
Are Combat Boots Good For Hiking

What are Hiking Boots?

Hiking boots are a specific type of footwear that is designed to help the wearer stand comfortably on varying terrain.

Not only are these boots crucial for protecting your feet as you walk over rocks and other such surfaces, but they also give you extra stability so that you don’t slip or stumble.

This makes them an integral part of any outdoor activity in nature where there will be uneven ground or loose pebbles. In order to get the best possible hiking boots for your next excursion into the woods, make sure to consider several different factors before making your final purchase decision.

Hiking boots are made from a variety of materials, but the following are the most common important factors:

  • Shield the feet and heels from impact.
  • Assist the ankle
  • Have special designs for various conditions, such as trail shoes, hiking boots, mountain and mountaineering boots, and so on.
  • It could be waterproof or not.
  • Breathable inserts may or may not be present.

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Are Combat Boots Good for Hiking?

When looking for the best boots to hike in, one must consider their needs and what they will be using them for.

This type of boot is specially designed to give you protection during hiking. The fact that it comes with ankle support and non slip soles, makes it the ideal choice for hikers who intend on going out into rough terrains where there may be slippery areas, large rocks or steep descents.

When hiking through a muddy or snowy trail you need a pair of waterproof boots that can keep your feet dry. For this purpose combat boots are perfect as they have been designed with such use in mind.

Furthermore these kinds of shoes are also lightweight which allows you to cover long distances without experiencing fatigue . When choosing this type of boot you should consider whether they have a lug sole or not because that will give you an idea on the amount of traction they can offer in every terrain.

As we all know combat boots are usually quite expensive so if you’re planning on using them for hiking, there’s no need to overspend as they may not last very long especially when exposed to rough terrains and obstacles.

There are many manufacturers out there who make cheaper alternatives to the original combat boots but they tend to wear off pretty quickly .

However if your budget permits it, then I suggest you get the original ones as these kinds of shoes were manufactured with hikers in mind and hence will be able to withstand various weather conditions such as rain, snow etc..

This is one of the main reasons why combat boots are a better choice for the outdoors.

Are Combat Boots Good For Hiking?
Are Combat Boots Good For Hiking

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Are Military Boots Good For Backpacking?

Yes they are. If you’re a military member or ex-military and you’re thinking about replacing your current hiking boots with some combat boots, that’s a smart idea for a number of reasons.

I myself have made this change recently on my own backpacking journey and I’m extremely happy to have done so.

The biggest thing I noticed right off the bat was how much more comfortable they were versus my old pair. The second thing is that they seem to wear in far better than any civilian boot I’ve ever owned.

And thirdly, the issue of weight really can’t be beat if that’s something you care about (and let’s face it; who doesn’t?).

Choosing A Good Combat Boots for Hiking

Since this type of boot is usually designed to be used in combat situations, it comes with a variety of features which makes them more suitable for outdoor activities.


Firstly the shoe has really good traction and non-slip soles which is an important feature you should look out for when hiking on steep and rocky terrains .


Another factor that one must consider before buying any kind of boot is whether it would be rugged or not because hiking should be quite fun without having to worry about every step you take especially if you’re going through muddy areas.

This might sound obvious but very often people tend to overlook such basic factors while shopping online.


Due to its heavy duty and combat design, the shoe is made of sturdier material which makes them more durable than any other outdoor boot .

The thing about this kind of boot that sets it apart from others in the market is that it’s usually made with rugged rubber soles.

This is a very good feature for hikers as this type of sole will give you the traction needed in those slippery areas when you’re hiking over rocky paths.

Best Combat Boots For Hiking

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Are Combat Boots Good For Hiking?

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Are Combat Boots Good For Hiking?


However if you want a pair of combat hiking boots specifically designed for hiking then I suggest going to your favorite army supply store and buy the original ones because they are specifically designed for rough terrains such as grass, mud or snow.

These kinds of shoes can be quite expensive because these are only manufactured by standard military suppliers and not regular manufacturers. 

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