[9 Quality!] Campers And Trailers (Under $10,000)


Unfortunately, quality camper trailers can cost up to $30,000 or more. Let’s put that in perspective:

And while you can buy a small used car for around $5,000,

A two-person tent goes for less than $200 on average. So the high prices of camper trailers seem like they’re trying to kill off the possibility of ever owning one at all.

Plus, when you search online for some options under that price range (like this , this , and this ) it doesn’t get much promising either…even though most of those look pretty cool!

And after looking around a bit more I was able to find 9 affordable campers that fit the bill perfectly! They may not be as fancy as some of the other ones out there, but they’re WAY better than a tent any day.

And at least you can sleep in comfort and hang your heels up when you get back from that fun-filled trip.

They were ranked by price, so if you want to go in order, click to the next article . Otherwise, jump right in with number 9!

9 Quality Campers And Trailers Under $10,000

9. ’97 Fleetwood American Tradition $10K or Less (Model 26RKSS)

turbo diesel  fleetwood american tradition tf for sale

This camper was built for convenience. It has everything you need: a stovetop & oven range, sleeping berths for 4 people, a nice front porch area (dubbed “the veranda”), and an outside shower.

Also, it was recently renovated, so everything is in top shape. What’s more is this camper has a smooth, stylish look to it. In fact (if you click the description), one user even said that they got comments and stares from people walking by because of how nice it looked!

The American Tradition comes in at just under $10K on craigslist . And while that may be higher than your initial budget…better safe than sorry, right? Also note that this camper qualifies for free shipping anywhere in the USA. And if you’re into mods: check out this link , which will direct you to some cool mods people have completed with their Fleetwood 7th-wheels.

8. ’14 SunnyBrook 1200LBS Classic Pop-Up Trailer (Model SBCP)


This camper is built to last. It has more than enough room; it’s spacious for 2 people with plenty of storage space & standing headroom. It also features a kitchen that comes with all the essentials, plus an air conditioner and heat so you can be comfortable in any weather. 

And what’s really cool about this particular trailer is that it folds out into a queen bed, ready for sleeping after a long day on the road!

And when folded up, you can store it almost anywhere – like behind your house or in your garage during winter. What about campgrounds? Well, if there happens to be less space available than anticipated, you can unhitch it and drag it over to wherever there is more room.

But if that all sounds like too much work for you, the SunnyBrook camper has a parking feature called “cam-lock” which lets one person set up and take down the camper in less than 30 seconds!

The price on this camper? $9K or less (on craigslist ). And while 9K may seem high…you should look at some of the other campers out there!

After searching around for 2 minutes I found  this 25′ travel trailer , with only 1 picture & no information about what’s inside (no description), just going for $7,000. So get your chips ready: my money’s on the SunnyBrook camper!

7. ’13 CampLite 9.3′ Camper Trailer (Model LD135)

vehicle  Used Livin Lite CAMPLITE Travel Trailer in South Carolina SC  afeefcd

This camper rolls in 3rd place on our list because it’s got everything you need, and nothing that you don’t.

Some of its features include a queen bed, kitchen with stovetop & oven range, double sinks, LED lighting, 2 batteries for lights…and an outside shower for when you want to bathe out under the stars!

Two people can sleep comfortably inside this machine, which comes out just under $10K . And if that isn’t enough space for you to shake a stick at: check out this listing  which is in the same price range at the LD135!

6. ’11 Travel Lite 900 LBS DT Deluxe Series (Model 9.5 P)

Okay, so let’s start with its name here: “900 lbs?” What the heck does that mean? Well…when I first saw it, I thought 900 lbs was actually heavy . But then my dad told me to remember that they’re just stating how much weight it can handle – nothing about its size or structural integrity. 

Anyways, this camper is made for 2 people; which isn’t a lot when you think about it. Fortunately, there is plenty of room inside for some added storage such as chairs and your clothing/shoes.

It also comes equipped with a range stovetop & oven, and a furnace – so you’ll be able to cook and heat the camper no problem.

And while not immediately evident in this picture, the  Travel Lite 9.5 has a shower with working water . It also comes with an outside shower if you’re feeling really wild n’ crazy…

This camper came out at just under $10K on craigslist , which is actually pretty darn cheap! You could spend that money getting your hair done or buying some new clothes (if we’re being honest here)..or you could get an actual house trailer to sleep in while driving around! Sweet deal!!

5. ’13 Forest River Rockwood Signature Ultra Lite (Model FDB3018NB)

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This camper has a total of two beds, each with their own blankets & pillow – providing plenty of room for couples looking to travel in comfort.

It can hold up to 6 people on the inside, plus it’s got an added storage compartment at the back which can fit your bathroom supplies and other things you’d like to keep out of sight. 

What’s really cool about this camper is its “Ultra Lite” feature . Think about how much lighter it will be compared to others! And while I don’t know what effect that will have on the price…anything that makes something cheaper is A-OK in my book!

Oh yeah, and did I mention this baby comes with all the camping necessities already included? Furnace, oven, stovetop, water tank/pump…I can’t imagine any camper under $10K that could compete with this one!

4. ’13 Sportsman 335SS Travel Trailer (Model 33SFDB)

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This is the 4th SunnyBrook camper on my list BUT it has a much more affordable price!! It also features 2 beds for couples or small families to sleep in, as well as storage compartments at both ends of the camper.

The  Sportsman 335SS  comes equipped with its own range stovetop & oven; making meals while you’re away from home easier than ever before.

And then if that wasn’t enough awesome-ness, check out these other features: asphalt tires, exterior  & interior lighting, and an outside shower (the one I’m most excited about) . Asphalt tires? What does that even mean? Why don’t the other trailers on this list have that?? Anyways, it’s still a great camper for only $6,000!!

3. ’16 SunnyBrook SS-10BCEBSSSSX 16′ Camper Trailer


Alright – are you ready to start seeing some real price tags?? This camper comes out with a hefty price tag of $7,500…but there is good reason behind it! It’s got THREE BEDS !!

The first one being a queen bed, the second a full size bed, and the third being another twin size bed. This camper also comes equipped with an aluminum frame (which means it won’t rust), as well as an oven/range stovetop combo and plenty of storage space within its cabinets!

And if you like to take showers while camping…you might be interested in this next feature: a toilet with flushing ability . I know not every camper on this list has that luxury – so we should give it some extra credit for having it at all!!

2. ’16 Rockwood Roo 282BHS Travel Trailer (Model 28DBSS)


This camper is 3rd on my list but comes with a much higher price tag: $8,000. It’s still an awesome deal however because it comes with two beds (plus an added storage compartment underneath), an oven/stovetop combo in the kitchen, and a furnace to keep you warm throughout the night.

And if that wasn’t enough…this camper has a shower!!! I need to give it extra credit for  having all of these luxuries at such a low cost!

1. ’16 Sportsman 335SS Travel Trailer (Model 33SFDB)


We’ve come full circle in this list and are back at our 4th SunnyBrook camper! Now, this one is pretty similar – but there are some minor differences which makes it different from the one at #4.

For one, this one has a different color to it (blue as opposed to green). It also has more space: 2 whole beds in the back instead of just 1 – making it ideal for couples or small families who want their own personal rooms while on the go.

And finally, this camper comes out with an even higher price tag than our last SunnyBrook camper…which was $8,000! This beauty will cost us an even steeper amount of $9,500!!

So you may be wondering why I’m ranting and raving about how awesome these campers are if they are so expensive. Well, because I just found out there is a way to lower that up-front cost by quite a bit!

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