[5 BEST] RV Trailer Electric Jack 2021 (AND WORST)


I love how electric jacks work because they don’t require any Manuel operations except connection.

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This means that you can do pretty much whatever it is that you need to do while your vehicle is parked, which makes it a whole lot safer than manually cranking on your jack and then climbing around under the vehicle without even being able to see what’s going on.

The electric jacks are activated by a simple toggle switch right near the steering wheel, so once you’re done using them, all you have to do is turn off the electric mechanism and go about your business like normal.

5 Best RV Trailer Electric Jack 2021

1. Lippert 285318 3500LB

This is a Lippert, it can lift 3200 pounds. It is designed for trucks and cars. The dimensions of this model are 37x26x14 inches and it has an IP rating of 66. This model requires a 12-volt battery for operation and a one hour assembly.

The item has a hydraulic lift capacity of 3500 pounds and it can effectively lift up to 22-inches when used with the drop leg hoist. This model is suitable for light duty jobs, as well as, medium duty jobs like maintenance, painting, servicing, installation and retail sales.

Also this model breaks down into two parts that make storage more convenient if needed. The surface mounted battery tray allows users to secure the batteries in place during use without using any additional tools.

In addition the inclining frame provides versatility when lifting or lowering loads weighing less than 2000 Lbs. It comes with a patented power stacker control system which includes an integrated push button control for power adjustment then quick flow valve design providing smooth slow speed operation at all times.



  • Easy Installation
  • Powerful
  • Construction


  • A Frame Trailers Only

2. Husky 5000 Lb Electric Tongue Jack With Remote

The Husky 5000 Lb Electric Tongue Jack is a sleek, compact alternative to the tow straps you use for your trailer or boat and it’s perfect for hauling off any stubborn obstacles.

This hydraulic tongue jack is small–only 24″ deep x 18″ wide–and it can be used with just about any size vehicle.



  • Remote Controlled
  • Weight Capacity
  • Long Power Cord


  • Price
  • A Frame Trailers Only

3. Husky HB4500 4500 lbs. Brute Power Jack

If you are looking for a power jack, look no further! This Husky Brute Mechanical Jack is my favorite. The telescopic height range 18 inch inches and the solid steel frame and cylinder provides stability for jacking up low ground clearance vehicles such as your lifted truck.



  • 3 Sided LED
  • Water Resistant
  • Price


  • Small Foot Pedestal

4. LIBRA 3500lbs Trailer/RV Electric Power

Designed for truck, SUV, any automobile and trailer owners. Perfect for RV. It will do your job like no other jack available in the market today.

This product is a must have to save you from being stuck or stranded. Take this LIBRA 3500lbs Trailer/RV Electric Power Jack with you everywhere so that when you get into trouble, it can come rescue you.

Powerful Motor:

It comes with a powerful motor which gives out 3,500 pounds of lifting power that make things easier and stronger than ever before. The motor also helps in providing speedy inflation and deflation within seconds without much effort at all from the user’s end. You can easily rotate the unit for easy positioning as needed with ease too!

Flexible and Safe:

As the name suggests, it also comes with friction free technology which is a critical part of this product. It never pulls or tugs at your tires during usage and makes things easier than ever before for you to move forward too. You can use in any weather conditions whatsoever without worrying at all about anything.



  • Slim Design
  • Manuel Handle
  • Led Back Light


  • Small Foot Pedestal
  • Stroke only 14 inch

5. JQ-3500W Electric Trailer Tongue Jack

This JQ-3500W Trailer Tongue Jack by JQ Products is a handy device that lets you lift your trailer without any hasels. It’s designed to be used on RVs with up to 18 inch” of ground clearance.

The advantage of this jack is that its 2.25″ post diameter is the standard tongue jack size, making it easy to install into existing jack mounting holes



  • Waterproof
  • Price
  • Manuel Handle


  • Small Foot Pedestal

What size electric tongue jack do I need for my RV?

You’re in the market for electric tongue jack to help you raise and lower your motorhome, how do you know what size electric tongue jack do I need  your RV?

The primary difference between electric tongue jacks lies in their compactness. Electric tongues are available in manual operated jacks that can be used even when your tow vehicle is not running or an electric model which requires either a connected electric power source such as battery or 12V connection from your tow vehicle.

How big should my electric tongue jack be?

If your tow vehicle has an electric trailer/tongue connector(s), then the electric trailer/tongue connector(s) must be compatible with electric tongue jack(s) you are considering.

Once electric tongue jacks are installed, their size is difficult to determine without measuring them yourself. For instance a manual electric tongue jack may not extend beyond the bumper of either your tow vehicle or an electric one while a cable operated electric tongue jack extends rearward from the trailer hitch and can be much longer than others.

How do I know what size electric tongue jack do I need for my RV?

Most popular electric tongues extensions include: 2″ x 8′ 4″ steel plate mounted on top of plastic wheels, 5′ rubber dipped 3/4″ square tubing frame, 7′ shaft over wheel assembly that comes in two width options (6 x 6″ and 6 x 8″ ) electric tongue jack and the very popular 15′ electric tongue jack with an electric flat dolly wheel assembly electric tongue jack .

As a rule of thumb: electric tongues are available in manual operated jacks that can be used even when your tow vehicle is not running or electric model which requires either a connected electric power source such as a leisure battery or 12V connection from your tow vehicle.

Your electric tongue jack must have enough power to handle the weight of your RV plus all the equipment you’re towing with it.


Buying A Electric RV jack will safe you a lot of time and is more convenient then a Manuel RV jack.

If you going to buy a top end model you don’t have to worry about replacing the unit down the line because most RV high priced units comes with either 1 year warranty or even 2 year warranty.

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