[5 BEST] RV Camping Solar Sun Showers (NEED TO KNOW)


Camping with a solar shower bag offers the enjoyments of a hot shower with the convenience of portability. These benefits alone may be just enough to make you want to stay away from the everyday hustle of the real world.

Imagine being able to bring the benefits of home with you the next time you go out camping. Although the solar shower bag is used primarily for camping its uses are not confined to just an outing in the woods.

There are many sizes to choose from and the durability of a solar shower bag will give years of service for your camping shower.

5 Best RV Camping Solar Showers

1. Advanced Elements Summer Solar Shower

There aren’t a lot of exciting features on the Advanced Elements Summer Solar Shower, which is part of why it’s so affordable. However, it does feature durable construction out of black non-toxic PVC material, which pulls and stores heat fairly well.

It also comes with a hanging cord, and stores enough water for three or four showers. It also features an easy-to-use on/off switch for control of your shower.

Is the Coghlan 4 Gallon Solar Shower Bag right for you? If you’re looking for an affordable camping shower that isn’t cheaply made, this is the perfect shower bag for you.

It will hold up over more than one camping trip, for sure, but you pay less because it doesn’t have extra fancy features. Just be prepared for the simplicity of the Coghlan 4 Gallon Solar Shower Bag, and you’ll be good to go.


  • Heats quickly in direct sunlight
  • Durable materials
  • Affordable but not cheaply made


  • Features

2. STEARNS Sun Shower 4 Portable Shower

One of the main features of the Stearns Sun Shower is that it has a built-in thermometer so you know just when your water gets hot.

The screw-out shower head is a little slippery to use at times, but it also gives you more control over water flow, so you can have a longer shower or a shorter one with better water pressure.

The Sun Shower also features double-welded seams and a reinforced pipe handle so it’s built to last.

If you’re in the market for solar shower bags as opposed to propane options, you probably already want to save a buck, and the Stearns Sun Shower 5 Gallon Solar Shower Bag is definitely the way to do it.

4 gallons will last a surprisingly long time, so you can get away with just one shower bag for a small group of campers. Plus, it’s a more affordable option than the Advanced Elements bag, and it offers a few good features that cheaper options don’t have.

If you want a middle-of-the-road price and high quality, the Stearns Sun Shower is for you.



  • Durable
  • Heats up well with microcell insulation
  • Screw-out showerhead regulates flow better than pull-out options


  • Small Filling Hole

3. OYOOQO 12 Volt Lithium Battery Portable Shower

OYOOQO Portable Shower is best for camping, Outdoor bath, and pool.

5 Gallons Electric Pressure Rinse Kits suitable for Surfing, Diving, Fishing, Road Trip, Caravan Trip, Pet Shower, etc.

They have their own on/off controls to conserve water. Another excellent feature is the four-layer construction, which is more durable than some other solar bags’ two-layer construction.

Plus, these showers roll up when you aren’t using them, so you can afford to pack along more than one.

The black outer layer of these showers means they heat up pretty quickly, even on a relatively cloudy day. Don’t expect boiling hot water here, but you can get a decently warm shower easily.

Grommet tie-downs instead of a handle also make it easier to hang when it’s full since it’s very heavy. The screw-down top is nice, as well, since it keeps water from leaking.

One other major pro is the water temperature gauge, which keeps you from getting unexpectedly frozen or scalded.

Features Include:

  • On/Off controls on each hose conserve water
  • Durable four-layer construction
  • Rolls up tight when not full for easy transportation


  • Warms up quickly
  • Grommet tie-downs make it easier to hang when full
  • The screw-down top doesn’t leak
  • The water temperature gauge lets you know how warm the water is


  • Heavy

4. WADEO Camping Shower, 3.17 Gallons/12L Portable Camping Shower Bag

One of the major features of the 3.17 Gallon Solar Shower Bag by Advanced Elements that makes it very user-friendly is that it includes Velcro straps for washcloths.

No more trying to figure out where to put your wash rag to keep it clean while you’re rinsing with this convenient feature!

Small groups of people who want to get quick, warm showers once in a while on a camping trip will enjoy this larger shower bag.

If you’re going to be camping where there won’t be much sun, though, it may not be the best option unless you just want to take the edge off of icy cold stream water.

Other Features Include:

  • The 4-ply construction makes for a long-lasting shower bag that will get you through many, many camping trips
  • Weighs just over a pound when empty, so it’s easy to roll up and stuff in with your things when you’re moving base camps
  • Indirect sunlight, the water can be heated to 113°F (45°C) in 3 hours.


  • With temperature and water level displays, you can quickly know the water temperature.
  • WADEO portable camping shower bag is lightweight and compact, making it great for traveling, hiking, and backpacking.
  • The on/Off switch on the showerhead makes i.t simple to use
  • Can get 5+ showers out of 3.17 gallons, depending on the length of the showers


  • Does Not Get Very Hot

5. Coleman 5 Gallon Solar Shower Bag

The biggest benefit the Coleman 5 Gallon Solar Shower bag offers is its ridiculously cheap price. For less than $30 bucks you get a 5-gallon solar shower bag that “should” do the job.

Unfortunately, the biggest disadvantage, according to users’ camping shower reviews, is that the overall quality of this bag is not so great.

Out of 30 verified user reviews, the number one issue reported was that the seams had a tendency to split within the first few uses. This seems to be less of an issue with the most recent reviews so Coleman may have fixed this problem but you will want to be cautious with this lower price solar shower all the same.



  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy on/off valve at the showerhead
  • Comes with a 1 Year Warranty


  • Lower maximum water pressure

What is a Solar Shower Bag?

A solar shower bag is constructed with either plastic or rubber. One side of the bag will be clear while the other side will be darker.

The solar shower bag allows sunlight to easily heat up the water inside the bag using the clear side while the other darker side helps retain the heat. It’s a very simple yet rewarding invention.

Most days it will be hot enough that you can simply hang the bag overhead and it will give enough sunlight exposure to warm the water.

On colder days you may have to lay your solar shower bag down flat with the clear side up so that all the water will be exposed to the sun. Most come with a flexible hose and nozzle ready for showering.

Solar Shower Bag Size Matters

Solar shower bags come in different gallon capacities. You should first look at your needs before purchasing one. For example, a solar shower bag can hold 2.5 and up to 10 gallons depending on its capacity size.

While the smaller is designed for one or two campers the larger ones can be made to either allow multiple uses on one day or give you longer times in between fill-ups.

When it’s time to pack away the solar shower bag simply rolls up in a neat little package and is ready for storage.

A solar shower bag is low cost, low maintenance, and takes up little room. Adding this to your camping shower will take you from getting your breath knocked out of you by cold water to a relaxing time in the shower.

How long does a 5-gallon solar shower last?

A 5-gallon solar shower will only last up to 10 minutes. This is more than enough time to shower and rinse.

Do solar showers work in winter?

Yes, They do not get as hot as in summer times. But if you have enough sun you can still have a hot shower.


Solar showers provide a greener and cheaper option to power up your hot water needs.

They can be installed on the roof of your RV, Tent, or in sunny outdoor areas like patios, gardens, or decks for quick solar energy usage that will save you money over time.

Solar shower systems are easy to install and use–no electricity is needed! Ready to go green?


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