12 [Awesome] Awning cleaner for RV Trailer (And WORST)

12 Awesome Awning cleaner for RV Trailer awning.

Awesome cleaner for RV Trailer

There are many things to consider before purchasing the best RV trailer awning cleaner. This article is a comprehensive guide about the best RV trailer awning cleaners on the market today.

These are all products that have been tried and tested by people who love to spend time in their trailers, but they also want to keep them clean.

There’s no sense in having an amazing rig with an old oven or broken air conditioner if you can’t enjoy it because of dirt and grime! Read on for our list of top picks below, including both manual-powered and electric options.

11 Best RV Trailer Awning Cleaner Reviews 2021

1. Duragloss 542 RV Cleaner

Duragloss 542 RV Cleaner is a unique, non-acid formula developed specifically to clean RV Awnings without causing damage. The gentle water based emulsion lifts bugs, dirt, road grime and mildew stains from the surface of your RV.

Duragloss 542 RV Cleaner is also formulated with UV inhibitors that help prevent fading on white and light colored RVs.

Duragloss 542 RV Cleaner not only cleans the exterior of your vehicle, but it will safely clean the interior too!

Use Duragloss 542 RV Cleaner to remove smoke odor, cigarette tar and other undesirable odors in your cab by simply spraying down the interior surfaces and wiping dry .


2. Star Brite Mold & Mildew Stain Remover

I really like this product because it does an amazing job removing mold and mildew stains from my RV awning. It’s easy to use and doesn’t have a strong odor that discourages me from using it. It’s great to know that even if I neglect a stain, this product will still work and completely get rid of it.

I also like the fact that there is no scrubbing required; all you have to do is spray it on the area and let it sit for about 30 minutes before wiping away the mold with a clean cloth.

Star Brite Mold & Mildew Stain Remover is a biodegradable, water-based cleaner designed to instantly remove both mold and mildew stains from vinyl surfaces.

Star Brite Mold & Mildew Stain Remover contains three active ingredients; the first is organic chlorine derived from soda ash, the second is an alkyl dimethyl amine oxide surfactant (the primary ingredient), and the third is a foaming agent (to help penetrate hard to reach spaces).


3. Camco 41024 Awning Cleaner

Camco 41024 Awning Cleaner is a premium blend that cleans and preserves Sunbrella outdoor fabrics, vinyl and plastics. Removes dirt, grime, mildew and other stubborn stains from marine canvas surfaces of boats, campers, car tops or awnings.

Camco 41024 Awning Cleaner is safe to use on colorfast materials such as your picnic tablecloth as well as your boat’s upholstery. Camco 41024 Awning Cleaner may be used on fabric cushions to clean or freshen up the appearance. For outdoor use only.


4. Thetford Premium RV Awning Cleaner

Thetford 96017 RV Awning Cleaner is a high performance cleaner that eliminates dirt, grime and mildew on awnings, patio furniture covers, pool enclosures, vehicle tops and so much more. Thetford 96017 RV Awning Cleaner uses a powerful foaming action to lift away the toughest embedded stains. This non abrasive formula will not damage or leave behind any residue build up.

Once applied rinse areas briskly with water and allow to dry before storing for maximum results. Thetford 96017 RV Awning Cleaner is an excellent pre-treatment prior to using Thetford 96224 Tough Stain & Odor Remover .


5. Valterra LLC V88542 Awning RV Cleaner

Valterra LLC V88542 Awning RV Cleaner cleans and protects vinyl, plastic & rubber surfaces in one easy step. It restores faded colors to like-new condition.

This general purpose cleaner is ideal for use on awnings, slide outs, truck caps & tops, covers, tonneau covers, boat spoilers and all other plastic or vinyl outdoor surfaces.

Removes dirt; prevents mold and mildew growth; removes salt stains from snowmobiles; helps restore faded colors and leaves behind a protective coating that repels dust and dirt.

1 part cleaner to 20 parts water solution (Example: mix clean water with equal parts of Valterra V88542 Awning RV Cleaner until thoroughly mixed) 8 fl oz (236 ml) bottle treats up to 16 gallons of water.


6. Boater’s EDGE Mold & Mildew Stain Remover

Boater’s EDGE Mold & Mildew Stain Remover  is a natural, EPA registered mold and mildew stain remover that works by oxidizing the mold or mildew and breaking down the biological structure of its spores.  

The Boater’s EDGE Mold & Mildew Stain Remover currently comes in a powder form, about $10 or 1 quart (32oz) for around $25.  It can be mixed with water to create a 5% solution of sodium hypochlorite, which makes it an  effective disinfectant .


7. Korkay RV Awning Cleaner

Korkay RV Awning Cleane rr cleans, preserves and waterproofs vinyl or fabric awnings. It also protects from UV damage too!

Korkay RV Awning Cleaner is an all-in-one product that will protect your awning fabric for years to come; it cleans & waterproofs at the same time without scrubbing.

Built in shine agent restores water-repellency to make drying faster and easier.  Korkay’s exclusive anti-oxidation protection prevents discolouration caused by the sun – keeping your cover looking showroom new .


8. 303 Products Multi Surface Cleaner

Concentrated formula · Removes dirt, grease and grime · Biodegradable

303 Multi Surface Cleaner is a concentrated formula that removes dirt, grease, and grime from multiple surfaces. This biodegradable cleaner dissolves quickly with little or no rinsing required so it saves you time and effort when cleaning around the house.

It can also be used on windows, cars, boats, patio furniture, siding, brickwork and ceramics without streaks or streaking. Use this multi-surface cleaner on your home or office to keep the surfaces looking their best in between deep cleanings.


9. Star brite Ultimate Mildew Stain Remover

No stain is safe from this fast acting formula! As opposed to many mildew removers, Star brite Ultimate Mildew Stain Remover is not acidic or caustic.

Instead it uses natural active ingredients like citrus oils, lemon extract and a blend of enzymes that actually digest residue left by mildew.


10. EcoClean Solutions Mold, Mildew & Algae Remover

The green natural molds and mildew remover will take out mold that has grown into the wood, leaving no residue behind.

EcoClean Solutions Mold & Mildew Remover is a great all natural way to clean mold off surfaces without using nasty chemicals. They use all natural products, making it safe for your family while cleaning your home.


11. Wet and Forget 800003 Moss Mold Mildew Remover

Wet and Forget 800003 is a revolutionary new product that takes away mildew and mold. It is 100 percent non-toxic and safe for use around people and animals. Even if you are allergic to chlorine, this product will not bother you!

You can eliminate all traces of mildew and mold with just one application. No scrubbing or harmful chemicals required!

Wet and Forget 800003 retains its potency for up to 12 months once opened making it an excellent value as well. Eliminate unsightly mildew stains on your home’s walls, decks, concrete, lawn furniture, paving, wallpaper and siding in just minutes.


How To Choose The Right Awning Cleaner

There are many options when shopping for a product to clean your RV awnings (aka window coverings). There are soaps, detergents, and cleaners.

All of these different types will have their own pros and cons. The most important thing is to pick the right one depending on what you need it to do.

For example: if you want to use an all purpose cleaner that can be used on just about anything in the RV then Star brite Ultimate Mildew Stain Remover would probably be a good choice since it excels at cleaning more than just the fabric of the windows.

However if you want something specifically geared towards maintaining your RV awning then Camco 41024 Awning Cleaner is the way to go. This specific cleaner is ideal since it targets fabric and nothing else.

Things to know before buying an RV Trailer awning cleaner

We all know that RV’s come with a lot of decks, roofs and walls to clean. We want them to be clean and spotless all the time but nothing stays clean forever no matter how much we clean it.

Just like our house needs cleaning, so does an RV. Here are some major factors you need to consider before buying a good quality cleaner for your RV’s awning, or other surfaces of your RV.

1. Versatility

Washing of awnings should be done on regular basis. Most experts recommend washing them every week or two weeks in order to keep them clean and appealing.

If they are washed too often however, the fabric can become worn out quickly and may rip over time because excessive washing as well as exposure to harsh sunlight can cause deterioration of the properties used when manufacturing these items.Thats why you should always use recommended RV awning cleaners.

2. Price

Most of us love finding affordable products; however, cheaper does not always mean better.

If you are going to be buying something to clean your RV with then chances are that you don’t want it to ruin the quality of its materials.

Be sure to check if an add-in called TSP is included before buying an RV Trailer Awning cleaner. It is a chemical found in many cleaners and it can damage roof vents, rubber seals and many other body parts of your vehicle.

3. Your Awning’s Material

Some cleaners work great on certain materials; however, there are still others which can only be used on specific parts of your RVs.

The first thing you should do is identify the material that you are going to use the cleaner on. For example, a fabric-based material requires a special brush or tool that would gently loosen dirt from the surface and without damaging it.

If you are planning to buy an RV trailer awning cleaner, make sure that they have brushes or tools that fit in different areas of your RV’s body such as tight corners and roof vents.

4. Effectiveness

Some cleaners will only remove dirt from an RV’s body but there are those that doesn’t just clean, it also protects!

A protective coating will be able to keep the surfaces of your RV looking like new all year round by protecting them from harsh UV rays and even bad weather conditions.

If you live in areas with extreme heat or cold temperatures, these coatings can definitely help preserve the quality of your RV for many years.

This is especially true if you are planning on reselling it in the future; a seller doing a cleaning before hand could mean thousands of dollars being added to its resale value! What solution do they use?

How to you clean an RV awning?

-If you have a small RV awning, take it down and use a hose to clean it down. You can also use soft soap or a plant-based cleaner, if it is safe for fabric.

-If you have large RV awnings, you will need to get someone to come up and do that for you. You can either get an RV awning company to come up or just call up a professional cleaner.

-If you do not want to take the awnings down, you can use soapy water with some soft cloths and clean it down that way. -You need to be careful if the sun is still out, as the fabric can still burn.

-You can use bleach to clean the awning, if it is safe for fabric.  If you are not sure, better check with someone first before using it.

-Once your RV awning is dry, you should fold up and roll it back onto the roof of the RV.


After reading all this information, you should have a good idea of what you’re looking for in these products. Now, it’s time to apply this knowledge into your search and find the best RV awning cleaner for your situation.

Once you do find this perfect product, issues like black streaks, mold, and mildew will no longer be such a nuisance in your life. You’ll instead have an awning that looks like it’s brand new for years to come.

The product that brings this experience into your life might even be one from our product review section. After all, these cleaners are the best on the market for this purpose, and all come from top-tier manufacturers.

But even if isn’t one mentioned in this article, make sure you find the option that fulfills all your needs for an affordable price. And if you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment section below. We’ll answer them as quickly as we possibly can.

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