[11 BEST] Small RVs With a (Shower and Toilet!)

Best Small RVs With a Shower and Toilet

Yes, you can get a small RV with a shower and a toilet. So, which one is right for you?

Choosing an RV with a bathroom can be tough. The Jayco 16MRB is one option that has the size and weight capacity you need to tow your trailer, but it’s not for everyone.

If this sounds like something up your alley, we recommend exploring more of our 11 Best Small RVs With a Shower and Toilet list, all about different types of camping trailers to find out which best suits your needs!

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Best Small RVs With a Shower and Toilet

You’re probably thinking of a small travel trailer or camper, a class B motorhome (a campervan), or a small class C motorhome when you think of small RVs

Small RVs with a length of fewer than 20 feet can be found in all of these categories. Many of us like tiny campers because they are lightweight, easy to maneuver, and usually less expensive.

What RVs have bathrooms and Toilets?

NameLengthWeightSleepsShower + Toilet
Jayco Hummingbird 16MRB20 Feet2,700 lbs2YES
Winnebago Minnie Drop 170S 21 Feet 2,800 lbs3YES
Little Guy Mini Max17 Feet2,300 lbs2-3 YES
Coachmen Viking Saga 14SR 16.6 Feet 2,484 lbs4 YES
Scamp 13’ Deluxe 13 Feet 1,500 lbs1-4 YES
Coachmen Nova 20RB21 Feet7,725 lbs2 YES
Winnebago Fuse 23T 24 Feet 10,360 lbs6 YES
Coachmen Cross Trek 20XG24 Feet8,100 lbs3 YES
Airstream Basecamp 1616.3 Feet2,650 lbs2 YES
Jayco Melbourne 24L25.2 Feet11,030 lbs6 YES
Winnebago Solis19.9 Feet8,900 lbs4 YES

11 Best Small RVs and Motorhomes With a Shower and Toilet

Jayco Hummingbird 16MRB

NameLengthWeightShower + Toilet
Jayco Hummingbird 16MRB 20 Feet 2,700 lbs YES


The Jayco 16MRB is a compact trailer that’s designed to go with most of the larger travel trailers. It has a weight capacity of 2000 pounds and can be towed by most make and models of vehicle. The RV Hummingbird is made for occasional use, vacation or camping.

At just about 20 feet long, the Jayco will give you plenty of room to house your family and their gear. You’ll have an interior storage area that’s good for 150 cubic feet!

The living quarters are spacious enough for two people and very easy to set up. Plus, it’s so lightweight at about 2,700 pounds, you can tow it behind all but the smallest of cars.

Whether you’re driving a compact or a full-size vehicle, it’s perfect.


While most of the baths on our list make getting your business done a little difficult, this little RV features a full bath with a separate shower, basin, and toilet.

For larger individuals, the shower may be a touch cramped, but the toilet has plenty of area surrounding it, so you won’t have to worry about slamming your knees into the sink or the bathroom door.

In the bathroom, there are even some convenient cabinets for storing extra clothes, bedding, or snacks that you don’t want your kids to find.

Winnebago Mini Drop 170S

NameLengthWeightShower + Toilet
Winnebago Minnie Drop 170S 21 Feet 2,800 lbs YES


The Winnebago Drop 170S is a compact travel trailer that’s designed for occasional RVers. It has a weight capacity of 2800 pounds and can be towed by almost any make and model of vehicle, with the exception being trucks weighing less than 5000 pounds. The trailer comes in many different layouts to fit any camper looking for an RV with Toilet and Shower


This is a good trailer with a full bathroom and a little more space. This travel trailer is the largest of our travel trailer options, measuring just over 21 feet long.

It’s a good compromise between being short and light and having enough space to camp with one or two little children.

The bathroom also boasts a spacious vanity with more countertop space in addition to the shower and toilet. This immediately puts you at ease and allows you to unpack all of your personal items, including your family’s favorite toothbrush cup.

It comfortably sleeps three individuals or a couple with two small children when the dinette is converted into a bed and the enormous murphy bed is folded down.

Little Guy Mini Max

NameLengthWeightShower + Toilet
Little Guy Mini Max 17 Feet 2,300 lbs YES

Overview: The Little Guy Mini Max is a tiny trailer that can be classified as a popup or travel trailer.

This unit can sleep up to three adults and has storage space and a bathroom with a toilet, making it ideal for short vacations or just an extra sleeping place. The Mini Max can be towed behind almost any vehicle since it weighs in at 2300 pounds when empty.


It’s incredible how much they’ve managed to cram into this little teardrop-style travel trailer.

It contains a fairly spacious wet bath, as well as a convertible dinette that converts to a bed and a kitchenette with a sink, stove, and microwave.

They haven’t tried to cram a sink into the wet bath, so they’ve made good use of the available space. After taking care of business, the kitchen sink is conveniently located just outside the bath.

Lack of privacy is one of the drawbacks. The wet bath door has a textured glass panel, similar to a regular shower door. Anyone else in the RV can see what’s going on in the wet bath because of this (although the finer details may be hard to make out).

Overall, the Little Guy Mini Max is a fantastic purchase. It’s one of our tiniest RVs, and it’s perfect for couples going on solitary camping vacations.

Coachmen Viking Saga 14SR

NameLengthWeightShower + Toilet
Coachmen Viking Saga 14SR 16.6 Feet 2,484 lbs YES


The 14SR is the smallest travel trailer model produced by Coachmen RV. It’s a compact 16 footer that weighs about 2,500 pounds when dry and has an overall length of 16’6″.

The floorplan makes the most out of the modest footprint, with 11 feet being devoted to sleeping space.


They were able to squeeze a bathtub inside a 16-foot mobile trailer. Although it isn’t a jacuzzi, having a tub allows you to bathe the kids without getting water all over the place, as well as do some camp laundry if needed on longer excursions.

So they are some of the tiniest travel trailers available with a working shower and toilet. What if you want to travel in a campervan or a small motorhome? in our list we also take a look at several class B and C RVs with showers and toilets on board.

You might be shocked by the quality of some of these RV Bathrooms and Toilets are.

Scamp 13’ Deluxe

NameLengthWeightShower + Toilet
Scamp 13’ Deluxe 13 Feet 1,500 lbs YES


The Scamp 13’ Deluxe is a compact trailer that’s definitely not designed for full-time living. It has a weight capacity of 1500 pounds and can be towed by almost any make and model of vehicle.

The RV Scamp is made for occasional use, vacation or camping.


If you’re looking for the tiniest tiny RV with a shower and toilet, the Scamp is an excellent option.

It’s only about 13 feet long and weighs around 1,500 pounds so even small SUVs like the Toyota RAV4 or Subaru Forester can tow this tiny vehicle. (Always double-check the manufacturer’s specifications before purchasing your RV.)

The Scamp 13 comes in a variety of configurations, but only the Deluxe version with the “Front Bathroom” option offers a wet bath.

Despite its modest size, they managed to fit a sink inside the wet bath while still leaving enough room for you to roam around.

If you’re not ready or able to move to a larger vehicle but still want the independence of a tiny camper with its own bathroom, this is a great option.

Coachmen Nova 20RB

NameLengthWeightShower + Toilet
Coachmen Nova 20RB 21 Feet 7,725 lbs YES


With this class B motorhome, Coachman really outdid themselves. It’s a good option for couples who want to go on adventures together while keeping a certain level of comfort.


A wet bath is usually found on the side of most campervans. This van includes a rear bath, which allows for more space in the bathroom. It even features a sink that can be flipped down and some extra drawers for storing clothing and supplies.

Winnebago Fuse 23T

NameLengthWeightShower + Toilet
Winnebago Fuse 23T 24 Feet 10,360 lbs YES


The 23T is a lightweight, compact recreational vehicle that provides family-sized sleeping accommodations in a small package. It’s one of the many vehicles produced by Winnebago Industries.

With its contemporary styling and spacious interior, it will be sure to turn heads when you drive up to your favorite campsite or lake house!


The Winnebago Fuse is a compact class C motorhome that packs a lot of features into a small package. It’s 24 feet long and is based on the Ford Transit platform.

The Fuse has a unique configuration that isn’t typically found on smaller RVs, but it makes excellent use of the available space.

Although the bathroom isn’t the largest on the list, it is a full bathroom with a separate shower, toilet, and sink.

This tiny camper is ideal for couples traveling with their two little children, as it has a queen-sized bed in the back and a convertible bed in the front.

Coachmen Cross Trek 20XG

NameLengthWeightShower + Toilet
Coachmen Cross Trek 20XG 24 Feet 8,100 lbsYES


The Cross Trek by Coachmen is a one-level travel trailer that’s easy to tow with any vehicle. It provides sleeping space for up to nine people, an RV A/C unit, and stow away tables and seats.


There are exterior storage areas below the dinette, kitchen table, and sofa as well as in the bathroom, bedroom, and living room. The bathroom features the basics you’d need to care for all of your personal needs including a toilet, shower, and sink.

Airstream Basecamp 16

NameLengthWeightShower + Toilet
Airstream Basecamp 16 16.3 Feet 2,650 lbsYES


The Basecamp 16 is a new travel trailer from Airstream. The RV measures 16 feet, 3 inches in length, and weighs in at 2650 pounds dry weight.

It’s equipped with all of the amenities you’d expect to find on a more expensive model.


Without an Airstream, no list of RVs would be complete. When most people think of Airstreams, they conjure up images of long, silver bullet-style RVs.

However, Airstream also offers some smaller models, like the Basecamp, with the same renowned craftsmanship and aluminum exterior.

The Basecamp 16 is 16 feet long, as the name suggests. That being said it’ll most likely be shorter than the vehicle you’ll be towing it with.

It has one of the smallest wet baths on our list, but it is still large enough to wander around in. It also includes some minor convenience elements, such as a small mirror on the back of the bathroom door and hooks on the inside for hanging a towel or toiletries.

While some compact RVs can feel claustrophobic, you’ll like the panoramic windows at the trailer’s front. They provide you with a 180-degree view of whatever lovely location you’ve discovered.

Jayco Melbourne 24L

NameLengthWeightShower + Toilet
Jayco Melbourne 24L 25.2 Feet 11,030 lbs YES


The Jayco Melbourne 24L travel trailer can handle the family vacation with ease. With its 25 feet overall length, it’s easy to drive in urban areas As well as park in campgrounds. The weight capacity is 11,030 pounds and it has more than enough room for six people.


Among the other RVs with toilets and showers on our list, this Class C RV has the nicest bathroom.

Despite the fact that this motorhome is somewhat longer than other of the class B alternatives on our list, it’s incredible how spacious it feels inside, especially with the side pullout.

There is a lot of space in the bathroom. The spacious vanity space makes you feel like you are at your home, and the high ceiling prevents you from feeling cramped like you may in other RV bathrooms.

Winnebago Solis

NameLengthWeightShower + Toilet
Winnebago Solis 19.9 Feet 8,900 lbsYES


The Solis is an all-new class C motorhome from Winnebago. The Solis has been built with the younger generation in mind, or for those who are new to RVing and want a smaller rig that’s easier to drive than other class C RVs.


This campervan has a surprising lot of accommodation for you and the kids, with sleeping space for up to four people. It contains a giant murphy bed that folds down in the back and a pop-top sleeping area that’s excellent for the kids, in addition to the wet bath.


Hope this list helped you choose an RV Trailer or Motorhome with a toilet and bathroom.

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