10 Ways To Decorate Your RV And Camper

10 Ways To Decorate Your RV And Camper

RV Decorating Ideas

Stock RV decor is almost always drab. The manufacturers of motorhomes and travel trailers alike tend to stick to beige, brown, and gray. They do this to avoid offending anyone as bolder decor choices tend to do. The problem, of course, is that the end result is dull at best, and in many cases downright ugly.

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If you plan to live in your RV, having a dull home-on-wheels is far from ideal—and honestly, even those who only use their rigs on weekends likely still want something a bit nicer to look at. Fortunately, there is something to be done. There are tons of RV redecorating ideas that allow you to show your style and provide a welcoming haven to return to at the end of a busy day.

In this article we will discuss a number of fabulous RV decor ideas and tricks. Whether you want something quick and easy, a complete overhaul, or something in between, we have the RV interior decorating tips you need.

Camper Decorating Ideas

Let’s start by discussing some of our favorite travel trailer and motorhome decorating ideas. Looking for super simple touches, inexpensive fixes, and unique decorating ideas? Want to do a complete makeover and unsure where to begin? This is the place!

Pick and choose a few of the options below and your home-on-wheels will have a completely different feel in no time at all.

Go with a Theme

Many RVers like to pick a theme for their tiny home-on-wheels. Because the space is so tiny, this look can be carried throughout the RV with a themed bedspread and shower curtain tying everything together.

Some popular RV themes include the beach, camping, and general travel. If you aren’t sure where to begin with your makeover, choosing a theme might be an excellent starting place.

Add a Splash of Color

Some people aren’t keen on the idea of doing a whole overhaul and just want to add some personality and fun to their rig. Luckily, there are plenty of quick, easy, and inexpensive ways to go about this.

Something as simple as a throw blanket over the couch or new covers on the dinette cushions can add character. A colorful rug over a stained floor can work wonders for a place, and new pillows added to the bed can add pop of color to an otherwise dull looking space.

10 Ways To Decorate Your RV And Camper

Hang Some Wall Decor

In the vast majority of rigs, the walls are a plain, boring brown or gray color. This is fine, but pretty monotonous.

Why not break things up a bit by adding some decor to the walls? There are quite a few options when it comes to wall decor, and many of them are super simple and inexpensive DIY projects, leaving you no excuse to keep putting them off.

Some of our favorite camper interior decorating ideas include:

  • Maps — Most people who have RVs enjoy traveling. Why not show your love of travel by hanging some maps? Maps can be put in lightweight frames and hung using Scotch command strips, or they can be used as wallpaper, covering an entire wall.
  • Flower Wall — Lightweight, easy, and totally adorable, this flower wall idea from Sweet Teal is perfect for RV bedrooms.
  • Pennant Banners — We’ve seen a lot of pennant banner flags used in RV makeovers, and we love it. String one up across a big empty wall or even across the wall over your slide.
  • Decals — Sometimes a wall decal can add the perfect finishing touch. These are great because they are easy to hang without making any holes, and they don’t add weight to the rig.
  • Photo Displays — Why not use photos of your camping adventures? Many of the DIY photo display ideas on this site would be lightweight and easy to hang in an RV using Scotch command hooks.

Show Off Souvenirs

Collecting souvenirs during your travels is tons of fun. Unfortunately, most souvenirs end up being set aside and forgotten, eventually turning into more clutter you have to sort through on some future date. Instead of purchasing knick-knacks that will likely sit and gather dust, why not purchase souvenirs that can double as RV decor?

Both stickers and magnets work for this, but we prefer magnets because they can be taken with you if you decide to trade your current RV for another. Simply hang a magnetic board on an empty wall and use it to display your magnet treasures.

Not only will these add a fun personal touch to your RV, they’ll also remind you of all the fun memories you’ve collected in your home-on-wheels.

Spruce Up the Bathroom

If you’re going to be updating your camper living area, you might as well head into the bathroom and give it a little makeover as well. In fact, sprucing up the bathroom might just be one of the easiest things you can do to give your RV a new look.

So what do you need to do to give your RV bathroom a fresh feel? Simply replace the shower curtain, throw down a matching rug, and add a cute soap dispenser and/or toothbrush holder.

If you like, you can even add a backsplash behind the sink using peel-and-stick tiles found at any hardware store (this can also be done in the kitchen). It’ll make a world of difference and doesn’t require much of an investment in terms of time or money.

Change Up the Bedroom

Of course, the bedroom shouldn’t be left out of the fun when it comes to camper decor ideas. There are some super simple ways to change the look of your RV bedroom, including the easy and inexpensive act of changing the bedspread.

Considering that many RV beds don’t have headboards, another great bedroom makeover idea is to add a faux headboard to the bed. Below are our favorite methods for doing this:

  • Lattice Headboard — This adorable headboard is relatively easy to make and doesn’t have to cost much at all.
  • Placemat Headboard — Even easier and much lighter in weight, this placemat headboard is surprisingly lovely to look at.
  • Tapestry Headboard — If you happen to own a tapestry, quilt, or even a pretty blanket you really like, you can hang it at the head of your bed to act as a headboard.
  • Fabric Headboard — For a comfy, finished look, this easy DIY fabric headboard is much lighter than it looks and can really add color to your space.

Switch Window Treatments

Your window treatments can make or break the look of your tiny home. Unfortunately, most RV manufacturers don’t put a lot of thought into this particular aspect of their products, leading to some seriously ugly window coverings.

Fortunately, changing your window treatments is easy enough. For an easy DIY option, try this no-sew curtain idea by Life With 4 Boys. Prefer something premade? We highly recommend the HOPPVALS cellular blinds by IKEA.

Turn On Some Lights

Sure, all RVs come equipped with lights. That said, while these are functional, most RV lights aren’t exactly the prettiest things. Why not shed some decorative light on the situation?

There are several decorative light options out there. Some of our favorites include:

  • Firefly or Fairy Lights — These delicate lights are perfect for adding a magical twinkle to a place. Hang them over the head of the bed or across the top of the slide for a pretty bit of light that will help calm you at the end of a busy day.
  • Battery Candles — Another wonderful, calming light option is a collection of battery operated candles. These are perfect for giving your home that warm glow a candle would without the danger added by actual fire.
  • Rope Lights — We love rope lights for adding light to the insides of cabinets. Simply string the lights along the back wall of the cabinet, then turn them on anytime you need to see the back corners of your storage space.

Change the Furniture

If your RV is on the older side, it might be time to switch out the furniture. This might seem like a daunting task, but it actually doesn’t have to be.

Most RV furniture is relatively easy to remove, requiring only a couple of basic tools. From there, you can add pretty much any furniture as long as you measure to make sure it will fit. That said, you will need to find a way to bolt your new furniture down, especially if your RV is a driveable rig.

Some of our favorite brands of furniture for RVs include:

Pull Out the Paint

Perhaps the most effective of all the motorhome and travel trailer decorating ideas is also one of the most obvious: painting the walls. If you really want to give your RV a new look, a few coats of paint will definitely do the job. You can lighten the place up, add color, show your style, and clean things up, all in one fell swoop.

That said, painting RV walls can be tricky. The walls in motorhomes and travel trailers are very slick, making sanding 100% necessary no matter what primer or paint you choose. Once you sand everything well, you will want to use a coat or two of primer before applying two or three coats of paint.

All of those steps paired with the odd nooks and crannies found in an RV can make for a very time consuming task, so be prepared to work on this project for quite some time.

RV Decorating Ideas FAQ

Still have questions? We’ve got answers. Below we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about RV decor, along with our camper decor ideas. Hopefully this section will help clear up any confusion so you can get started on your RV makeover and start enjoying your newly remodeled home-on-wheels.

How can I decorate my RV?

All the ideas above are a great start. That said, they are far from the only options. When it comes to decorating your spot, go with what you love and don’t let the opinions of others hold you back. We love the idea of DIY wall decor, colorful additions, and personal touches scattered throughout.

How do you decorate a small camper?

Decorating a smaller camper can feel a bit tricky. After all, you don’t have a lot of space to add decor to. In these cases, we recommend focusing on replacing rather than adding.

For instance, you might replace the bedspreads, window coverings, and shower curtain, but skip adding wall decor, pillows, or extra lighting that could clutter the space.

How do I brighten my RV?

As we already mentioned, many RVs are pretty dark and drab. If you find your RV needs brightening, try some of the tips above to give it the look you want. A paint job in a light color will definitely do the trick, but even simple things like a light colored slipcover for the couch and light white curtains can really change the feel of a space.

How can I decorate on a budget?

Most people will be working on a budget when decorating their RVs. Therefore, it’s important that any RV decor ideas you choose be inexpensive ones, while still being effective. Fortunately, this is easy enough to do:

  • If shopping for items such as bedspreads and shower curtains, consider going to discounts stores such as Ross or TJ Maxx.
  • When it comes to wall hangings, go the DIY route. There are plenty of fun decor items you can make without spending much at all.
  • If you’re working with old furniture, you might choose to recover what you have rather than shopping for new items.
  • Want to paint the walls? Consider looking for discounted paint. Often, hardware stores will have mis-tinted paints available at a very low price. Another option is to check out Habitat for Humanity for super cheap paint.


Did any of these camper decorating ideas inspire you? Which one will you choose to do first? Do you have even more awesome motorhome and travel trailer decor ideas? We’d love to hear all about your remodel and your ideas in the comments below.


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